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1. Conflict between families and placemen developed into a
struggle between the rival economic interests grouped
round landed property on the one hand and the rising
industrial interests with their slogans of free trade on
the other, the Tories evolving into the Conservative
Party, the Whigs into the Liberal Party.

2. As the hunger marchers moved along Pennsylvania Ave­
nue they were flanked by two solid rows of policemen
outnumbering the marchers at least three to one, most
of them club in hand,

3. The contents of the treaty have been recently published,
it being no longer necessary to keep them secret.

4. Throughout the great Pennsylvania steel areas free speech
was suppressed, the AF of L steel unions not being
allowed to hold a single open meeting during the three
and a half months of the strike.

5. No objection arising from any quarter, this plan was

6. That gentleman stepped forward, hand stretched out.

7. Some 100 persons live in the building with 42 of them

8. Only the Russian Bolsheviks opposed the war consist­
ently with the left-wing socialists in many countries
also offering various degrees of resistance.

9. The rude attack against Communists in the unions was
launched in 1948, at the height of the cold war, with

10* 275

Communism being savagely discriminated against in the United States and elsewhere.

10. What with dinner in Buckingham Palace, and banquet at
Guildhall, and a ride to the City with five coaches and
horses and two motor-cars and all, it must have been
the week of his life.

11. The officer of a dragoon regiment which was quartered
at Dungannon, having quarrelled with an inhabitant of
the town they drew out their soldiers, marched against
his house, fired into it, broke it open and wrecked it.

12. On another occasion, two Irish soldiers having been im­
prisoned in Ballinarobe, a party of soldiers stormed the
gaol, released their comrades, and shot dead a constable
who opposed them.'

13. Mr. Pendyce crossed the stile and struck into the lane,
colliding with the Rector, who was running too, his
face flushed to the colour of tomatoes.

14. I stripped off coat, waistcoat, and collar, and donned
an old shirt — it was a vulgar blue-and-white check as
ploughmen wear. My toilet complete, I took up the
barrow and began my journeys to and fro from the
quarry a hundred yards off.

15. The remnant of the battalion of the Frontshires very
slowly made their way into M. They shambled heavily
along, not keeping step or attempting to, bent wearily
forward under the weight of their equipment, their un­
seeing eyes turned to the muddy ground.

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