1. The Ashford by-election was an acid test for the Labour
Party candidate.

2. "I know which side my bread is buttered on," I said.

3. A poet is universal and for all times; a novelist is har
nessed to his period, no matter how he may trot gallop
with it.

4. In 1871, during the Polytechnic Exhibition, there was a
people's theatre ... where a number of young actors,
Nikolai Rybakov, Strepetova, Lensky and others, were
laying the foundation of future stardom.

5. The electric trolley car, now on its last legs, was in
1890 in its heyday.

6. The decisive battle was fought on Easter Sunday 1471,
at Barnet, where every petal of the Red Rose was scat
tered from the stem.

7. A further holocaust was needed World War II, which
was another product of the capitalist system, to knock

all the other capitalist powers flat on their backs and to enrich the United States still more.

8. Sooner or later the Government would be forced to come
cap in hand to the financial interest of the City for

9. By 1926 Italy had been brought to the verge of ruin.
Without the American Loans Mussolini would have col
lapsed. That was the first nail America drove into the
coffin of democracy.


10. Questions involving the future of this planet of ours
and of human life upon it are coming up on the anvil
of decision.

11. Indeed, if fine words buttered any parsnips, Ireland
would be in the European community political obliga
tions, defence commitments and all.

12. It is unwise, he told the Press "to cross bridges ahead
of time". Mr. Rockefeller will undoubtedly see the White
House at the end of the bridge with Vice-President
R. Nixon, like Horatius, there to hold it.

13. Moscow once again is holding out the hand of friend
ship. Let us all force the Government to grasp it now
by a renewed effort to win the settlement of the still
unsolved issues.

14. There is a note of uneasiness about the dutiful Press
chorus of welcome to first U.S. Polaris submarine in

15. The people of Britain must now enter on the scene and
help to swell the feeble whimper into a roar.

16. The cavalcade of the knighted Governors and Premiers
is reinforced by British Labour's Commonwealth Secre

17. Chairmen of Development Corporations are now expected
to toe the Government's political line.

18. Having arrived at this common policy, the party leaders
use party discipline to damp down the criticism of rank-
and-file M.P.s.

19. The Congressmen and Senators who jumped aboard the
anti-Communist band wagon in riding the McCarran bill
through Congress in its last days made the law a major
election issue.

20. This was a time when American monopoly began to flex
its muscles, began looking around the world for juicy
plums to pick,

21. The Taft-Hartley whip is being cracked ever sharper
against all trade unions in our country.

22. But profit and rearmament, the twin pillars of the Tory
programme, have robbed the workers and left them less
than before.

23. It is questionable if all the price-control proposals put
together could lessen the rise in the cost of living by
1 per cent. They are the most blatant window-dressing.

24. One more employer seeking to act like a dictator has
been brought to heel by resolute solidarity and strike action.

25. They should seize their opportunity to flood the Ameri
can Embassy with protest against the persecution of the
Communists in the U.S.

26. All that is necessary is a rally filling the Square to

27. The Communists are being attacked first because they
are the foremost fighters for peace, sanity and social
progress in a country rotten with war hysteria.

28. And the more Britain indulges in these obedient pilgrim
ages the more our face is rubbed in the dirt.

29. Unless the British people act decisively within six
months, the first contingents of a German army with
tanks and guns will be goose-stepping on the British soil.

30. Those who have been living in sweet dreams that labour
could live with a T-H law have suffered quite a jolt.

31. Will the maritime workers now, at this eleventh hour,
unite forces to defend their hard-won union contracts?

32. Delegates did not fear to turn the flash-light on the bad

33. The miners are in the front line trenches for the Ameri
can labor movement today.

34. The British lion under the Tory government has now
become a slinking jackal following the kill of the Wall
Street tiger.

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