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anticipate (v)


book (v)

claim (v/n)




confirm (v)

congratulate (v)


current rates

deal with (v)








in advance


letter of credit

look forward (v)

order (v/n)




quotation (bus.)



request (v/n)

respond (v/n)






Т.А. Зотова

Е.Н. Щекалева



для студентов 2 курса

(специальностей «иностранный язык» и

«история с дополнительной специальностью иностранный язык»)







УДК 420 (075.8)

ББК 81.432.1-923



Печатается по решению редакционно – издательского Совета

Арзамасского государственного

педагогического институт им. А. П. Гайдара.




д. культурологии, профессор кафедры общественных и гуманитарных дисциплин ВВАГС Кубанев Н.А.

преподаватель кафедры теории, практики и методики преподавания английского языка ГОУ ВПО «АГПИ им. А. П. Гайдара», Н.А. Патрекеева;


Сборник текстов и упражнений по английскому языку.

Для студентов 2 курса специальностей «иностранный язык» и «история с дополнительной специальностью иностранный язык» / авт.-сост. Т.А. Зотова, Е.Н. Щекалева; АГПИ им. А. П. Гайдара. - Арзамас, АГПИ, 2010 – 97 с.


Сборник содержит материалы для практических занятий по темам: «Здравоохранение», «Еда», «Спорт» и «Путешествия». Тексты сопровождаются лексическими упражнениями. Пособие содержит задания двух уровней – базового и повышенного.


  © «Арзамасский педагогический институт имени А.П. Гайдара», 2010. © Зотова Т.А.
  © Щекалева Е.Н.


1. Health  
  Additional exercises
2. Food  
  Additional exercises
3. Sport  
  Additional exercises
4. Travelling  
  Additional exercises
  Список литературы


Study Vocabulary:

1. Human Body:hair, head, back of the head, top of the head, neck, throat, shoulder, armpit, chest, back, waist, stomach, hip, arm, hand, knuckle, thumb, finger, fist, elbow, wrist, palm, leg, thigh, knee, calf, ankle, shin/shank, foot, heel, sole, toe, limbs (upper, lower).

2 The Skeleton:bones, skull, collar-bone, shoulder-blade, breastbone, forearm, backbone/spine, hip-bone, kneecap, ribs, pelvis.

3 The Face:eye, nose, ear, mouth, cheek, chin, temple, forehead, jaw, tooth (teeth), lip (upper, lower), tongue.

4. The Eye: eyeball, eyebrow, eyelid, eyelashes, pupil, iris.

5. The Internal Organs: brain, windpipe, vein, artery, bronchus, lung, heart, liver, gullet, stomach, intestine, kidney, bladder, blood circulation, nervous system, muscle, muscular system.

6. Health: be in good health, feel well/be fine/all right, be in good shape/fit, patient, in-patient, out-patient, hurt (adj.) (injured, wounded), be sick, be ill/feel ill (with), be out of order, be in poor/ill health, be in a bad (poor) shape, go down with, catch a disease, feel seedy, be in bad state, take a turn for the worse, one’s health gave way, not last more than, get better, recover, be out of danger.

7. Complains: ache, toothache/headache/stomach-ache, pain (n.), feel pain, suffer from pain, have a sharp pain, the pain was gone, have a pain in the stomach/in the neck, have a sore back, feel sick at heart, sore (adj.), have a sore throat, hurt (v.) hurt (n.), It hurts me…, disorder, sleep disorder, liver disorder, disturbance, visual disturbance, fever, have a fever, high temperature, be running high temperature, high blood pressure, rash, itch, spots, blister, sneezing, runny nose/cold in the head, be clogged, catch a cold, cough/bad cough, fits of coughing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, feel shivery, faint (v.), fainting, lose consciousness, come to oneself, feel limp, feel stiff, anxiety, fatigue, be low, be run down, a bout, a bout of depression, sweat (v., n.).

8. Diseases: sickness (illness, disease, malady, ailment), (non)communicable diseases, (in)curable, catching, contagious, epidemic, inherited sickness, attack(bout), heart attack, pain in, appendicitis, bronchitis, cancer, lump/swelling, chicken pox, small pox, measles, whooping-cough, mumps, typhoid, scarlet fever, yellow fever, flu (influenza, grippe), inborn disturbance, blind/blindness, dumb/dumbness, deaf/deafness, pneumonia, burn, cut, fracture, hurt (n.), be out of joint, sprain, twist, limp (v), bad digestion, constipation, boil, bleeding, mild case, fatal illness, hurt, injury, wound, splinter, bruise, a black eye cripple.


Diagnosing and Treatment:take temperature, feel one's pulse, make tests, take (measure) one's blood pressure, check/examine, check/examine one's heart (liver), examine (sound) one's lungs, make a diagnosis, go to the doctor, consult a doctor, complain of smth., trouble (v) (bother; disturb), What is troubling you?, What disturbs you?, have the symptoms of, treat for, cure (v) smb of smth, cure (n) (treatment), take a treatment for, do good, do harm, give direction/recommendation, relieve the pain, operate (on), undergo an operation/surgery, be operated on/for, have smth removed, have after-effects/complications, write out a prescription, write out a sickleave, make out a medical certificate, prescribe a diet, be restricted to a diet, stay in bed, gargle, heal, The wound healed slowly., It soon healed up., sit quiet, breathe deeply, strip to the wais, bare your arm.

10 Medicines:make up a medicine/drug, chemist's (dispensary; drugstore), take a medicine (for), mixture, pills, powders, ointment, drops, a tablespoonful, a teaspoonful, three times a day, every two hours, after/before meals, on an empty stomach, pain reliever (killer), for soothing the pain, for reducing the temperature, to take for a headache/cough/a cold, apply a mustard plaster, apply a medicine, put a dressing, remove the bandage, give a short (injection), be inoculated against, put a hot-water bottle (to).

11 The Doctor:specialists, physician, general practitioner (GP), dentist, surgeon, oncologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, paediatrician, psychiatrist, rheumatologist, gynaecologist, nurse, chiropodist.

12. Hospital:take to the hospital, general practice, waiting room, ward, patients with appointments, reception, patient's file, medical record (medical card), health insurance certificate, appointments book, cure, take cure, look after, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, be admitted to a hospital, be discharged from a hospital, urgent call, call an ambulance, stretcher, emergency case, examination couch, instrument table, crutches, syringe, scales, sliding-weight scales, height gauge, health-resort.

13. At the Dentist’s: make an appointment with a dentist for a check-up, for a dental care, instrument tray, drill, seat, dentures, set for false teeth, bridge (dental bridge), crown, porcelain tooth, filling, extraction forceps, have one’s tooth treated, be loose, fit on a crown/bridge, pull out (remove, extract) a tooth, have one’s tooth stopped/filled.

Idiomatic expressions:take a turn for the better/worse; a man’s health is failing; a man’s health is picking up; he is doing well, he is on the mend, he is over the worst; get over the/an illness; to ruin one’s health; fell/be/look worn out; feel/be/look washed out; feel/be/look run down; run/be running a temperature.

Proverbs and Sayings:

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

- A sound mind in a sound body.

- One hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after.

- Health is better than wealth.

- Prevention is better than cure.

- One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

- Health is not valued till sickness comes.

- Fit as a fiddle.

- Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.



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