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Match the words with their synonyms, translate them into Russian.

to alleviate (the) pain/symptoms: to voluntarily have blood taken from you so that it can be stored and used for sb else at a later date
to contract a disease/illness: to operate on sb
to give blood: to get better as a result of taking a particular medicine, etc
to make a recovery (to make a full recovery): catch/fall ill with a disease/illness: not used with minor illnesses in spoken English
to nurse sb back to health to recover, to get better [Note:to recover completely]
to respond to treatment: to 'wake up' having previously fainted/ been unconscious; to come round/to
to perform an operation to help sb get better
to regain consciousness: to start to work (for a medicine, a painkiller, an anaesthetic)
to reduce the swelling do sth (put ice on the swelling) or take some medicine which will return the swollen part of your body back to its normal size
to take effect: to reduce the amount/effect of pain/symptoms
to treat an illness to have a surgeon operate on you
to undergo surgery to try and cure an illness

2. Are these sentences correct? Put a + or a - .

1 So you have to give blood. It won't hurt.

2 These pills will help to alleviate the pain.

3 He has to undergo surgery on his left knee and will therefore not play in Milan.

4 Bathing your ankle in cold water should contract the swelling.

5 These pain killers will make effect almost immediately.

6 I took the disease in Africa last summer.

7 It was his wife who regained him back to health, tending to his every need.

8 She was out cold. It was seven hours before she reduced consciousness.

9 If it doesn't respond to this treatment, we'll have to operate.

10 The hospital's senior eye specialist was going to nurse the operation, so she was in good hands.

11 Most common infections can be treated with antibiotics.

12 Thankfully, he performed a complete recovery.

3. Study the prepositions, translate into Russian.

to be admitted to hospital: tobe taken into hospital He was admitted to hospital after complaining of pains in his chest.

to be allergic to sth: if you are allergic to sth (cats, dust, nuts, etc), your body reacts to it in a negative way - perhaps you start sneezing, or perhaps you get a rash. I'm allergic to pollen.

to be on antibiotics:to be taking antibiotic medicine I'm on antibiotics and they make me feel a bit sleepy.

a cure for a disease: amedicine or medical treatment that will get rid of an illness or a disease. Scientists have recently discovered a cure for Redstein's disease.

to die of sth: if sb dies of a particular disease/illness, it kills them He died of pneumonia.

to be discharged from hospital:to be allowed to leave hospital The President was discharged from hospital last night.

to be in intensive care:to be in a hospital ward where people who are very ill are treated and looked after/ It was very serious. He was in intensive care for two weeks.

to be on the mend: to be getting better Although not yet fully recovered he is on the mend.

to operate on sb: to treat sb by cutting open part of their body and removing or repairing sth/ He's being operated on tomorrow.

to get medicine on prescription: you must have a prescription to obtain it [Note: buy medicine] over the counter: you do need a prescription to buy it]. Here you cannot buy tranquillisers over the counter; you can only get them on prescription.

to be rushed to hospital: to betaken to hospital very quickly. He collapsed at work and was rushed to the city hospital.

to be in good shape: to be fit and healthy. It's an extremely difficult climb, but we're in very good shape.

to be under a lot of stress:to be unable to relax because you are worrying a lot. I know he's been bad-tempered recently, but he's under a lot of stress at the office at the moment.

to suffer from: to have particular illness or disease. Kelly suffers from migraine.

to hang by a thread: if one's life is hanging by a thread they are very ill and likely to die The doctors later told her how her life had hung by a thread during the operation.


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