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VI. В следующих предложениях определите вид инфинитивного оборота. Предложения переведите.

1. I saw the manager sign the contract. 2. Lake Baikal is said to be the deepest lake in the world. 3. The professor wants the students to carry out some experiments. 4. The members of the delegation are said to have left the town. 5. It was very difficult for us to get this information. 6. The technician felt something heavy strike the platform. 7. These experiments are likely to have been made in suitable conditions. 8. The laboratory assistant expects the devices to have been repaired some days ago. 9. We know him to have worked out a new method of applying quantum generators in medicine. 10. The price of these raw materials is unlikely to rise. 11. This student proves to have taken part in the work of that conference. 12. Nearly a month is required for the Moon to circle the Earth. 13. We know this scientist to have been working at this problem for some years. 14. The discovery of a laser is sure to be of great value. 15. This new approach to the problem proves to be the most satisfactory. 16. The parties are reported to be considering the question of extending the agreement for 6 months. 17. I’d like this reaction to be repeated. 18. 19. The parties are said to have reached the agreement. 20. He seems to know all about this matter. 21. Lomonosov is known to be one of the most prominent scientists in the world. 22. This book seems to be very popular with children. 23. The agreement is expected to be signed this week. 24. The buyers wished the goods to be discharged in Odessa. 25. The output of this plant is likely to increase in the near future.


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