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А) Атрибутивные словосочетания


Рекомендуемая литература:

~ Аполлова М.А. Specific English (Грамматические трудности перевода). – М., 1977. – с.81-88.

~ Романова С.П., Коралова А.Л. Практикум по переводу с английского языка на русский. - М., 2004. – с.84-91.

~ Левицкая Т.Р., Фитерман А.М. Пособие по переводу с английского языка на русский. - М., 1973. – с.36-39.

~ Зражевская Т.А., Гуськова Т.И. Translation from English into Russian: Mastering the Technique. - М., 1986. – с.147-156.


Упражнение 1. Переведите, используя приемы замены частей речи, изменение порядка следования компонентов, замены слова группой слов, придаточным предложением:


• power supply

• wage restraint

• poverty line

• improved pay system

• road safety officer

• ultrasonic inspection system

• two-year development programme

• electric power plant’s efficiency

• home dog medicine book

• Austria machine-tool building firms

• automobile repair plants reconstruction problems

• second-year post graduate science student

• manpower utilization productivity scheme agreement

• six months suspended jail sentence

• railway accident prevention committee meeting decision

• labour contract

• health risks

• Tory-dominated Parliament

• publicity agent

• news agency

• correspondence student

• accident prevention

• The Security Council

• Energy Department spokesman

• behind-the-scenes decision

• Ford Union assembly plant

• business communication workshop

• University students association's rally

• The pre-Christmas shopping rush

• Child саr safety.

• Round-trip ticket price.

• Earth's First Cosmonaut's Last Flight.

• World's most secret terrorist оrgаnizаtiоns

• Air traffic соntгоllеr's strike.

• Hair loss breakthrough.

• non-taxable income

• no-more-war-actions call

• a new space satellite communications system

• market reform development scenarios

• UN Security Council resolutions


Упражнение 2. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на атрибутивные сочетания:


1. If I were as young as you are, I'd have a walking holiday.

2. Get me a good crime story.

3. That's the danger moment.

4. Like most shy men he greatly admired airy, vivacious, always-at-ease girls.

5. He had been drinking and wore the arrogant looking-for-a-fight expression that she knew from experience meant trouble.

6. Dr Uxbridge answered the telephone at once in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

7. The hands-off-Ogilvie rule didn't make sense.

8. I sat down beside her and put on my impulsive little-American-girl act.

9. He told the now attentive crowd about how he was going to proceed.

10. "You're something of an ideas-man, aren't you?" "Something of. Why?"



Упражнение 3. Переведите атрибутивные сочетания сначала без контекста, затем сделайте поправки на основании предложенных контекстов.


1. Everyday items – The first generation of house-hold robots will have to be taught to recognize everyday items.

2. Returned children – Children who lived overseas for many years return to Japan with a knowledge of the country in which they lived.

3. High life – 20 reasons to enjoy the high life with us: brand new building, air conditioner, satellite TV, best location (advertisement of the hotel).

4. Vermicelli letters – Soup was served – with vermicelli letters of the alphabet floating in it.

5. Cocaine habit – Friends say David never told Jane about his cocaine habit.

6. Modelling career – Judi Allen says she didn’t consider a modeling career just six years ago.

7. Education initiatives – the company now devotes almost all its charitable budget to education initiatives.

8. The Foreign Secretary – The Foreign Secretary said they were glad to have made such good progress at the Geneva conference last month.

9. Normal week – In a normal week we see more of the person who sits opposite us than we do our own husbands.

10. Split second – For some split second he thought he was at the edge of death.


Упражнение 4. Переведите следующие предложения:


1. The measures will lead to increased graduate unemployment.

2. Our weather luck faltered when we returned north to the Chilean Lake District.

3. To get an expert’s opinion on the President’s fear of famine, I met with an American population specialist.

4. The man surrendered to the Finnish police and requested political asylum. Finnish authorities will consider the asylum request before deciding what to do.

5. Five of his ministers will soon face corruption charges.

6. Mr. M. was given a one-year suspended sentence for his part in a share scandal involving a small Japanese electronics firm.

7. He was a New York jurist named Joseph Crater whose disappearance in 1930 caused great media interest but remains unexplained.

8. Earthquake scientists did predict the last week’s earthquake, but the prediction was approximate.

9. Mr. Baker gave a short press conference before flying to Columbia for the drugs summit.

10. Sometimes I shared her wake-up coffee.


Упражнение 5. Переведите предложения с многочленными атрибутивными сочетаниями. Перечислите причины затруднений.

1. But when he did think about it there was always the question of fifty guineas entrance fee.

2. Freedom Support Act Secondary School Exchange Program.

3. He agreed to go in for alcohol dependency treatment at Cedars Sinai Hospital in L.A.

4. She still holds that title along with Miss Photogenic International, which she collected after competing in the Miss Teen International Finals last year in the U.S.

5. The American Labour Party Political Action Committee Election Campaign Planning Board launched a new fund-raising drive.

6. In Britain patients receive comprehensive pre-operative consultation and follow-up care.

7. He supports his family by running a small-scale batik shirt factory in one room of his home.

8. In an expensive establishment, there is no excuse for dead light-bulbs and flowers, unemptied waste-paper baskets.

9. For a delicious low-fat jacket-potato filling, just mix a spoonful of French mustard with a tub of cottage cheese.

10. There is also a self-study Optional Further Practice Basic Grammar Revision section at the back of the book.


Упражнение 6. Переведите предложения с атрибутивными сочетаниями с внутренней предикацией.


1. He said it with a please-leave-me-alone expression.

2. It was a “You-must-take-us-as-you-find-us” attitude to things.

3. The all-or-nothing strategy is not unprecedented, but it is rare.

4. Our new “No More Diets” column arose much interest.

5. He didn’t have to believe everything he was told, but he could play a wait-and-see game.

6. Doctor, how often do you receive “Help me! I snore” calls?

7. The Fun-to-Learn Picture Dictionary is a valuable aid to reading and spelling, and is a first step to success in learning.

8. It was just one of the ordinary dust-round-and0sweep-up-a-bit mornings.

9. John was of the look-before-you-leap and think-before-you-speak sort.

10. Gilbert’s question seemed to puzzle her; she turned and looked at me with I-don’t-know-what-to-do expression.

11. He passionately read one of those turn-your-world-around books.

12. The eternally-asked, never-to-be-answered question, why people could not mind their own business.


Упражнение 7. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык.


1. She had apologized humbly to him on the morning after their how-do-I-know-I-know-you dialogue.

2. They had a "don't care" appearance that James, to whom risk was the most intolerable thing in life, did not appreciate. They all laughed and teased her about her millionaire friend.

3. He began to pray with his brandied tongue.

4. Goggled, helmeted and indomitable Robert Redford plays the daredevil pilot.

5. There was a man with a don’t-say-anything-to-me-or-I’ll-contradict-you face.

6. When I got to the Alconburys' and rang their entire-tune-of-town-hallclock-style doorbell I was still in a strange world of my own - nauseous, vile-headed, acidic.

7. And Melanie, with a fierce "love-me-love-my-dog" look on her face, made converse with astounded hostesses.

8. Six restaurants ranged from a dining-room with gold-edged china and matching prices to a grab-it-and-run hot dog counter.


Упражнение 8. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


1. Perhaps he learned to appreciate what a jewel of a wife he has?

2. She was contemplating an important change in her life and had no interest to spare for these animals of tourists!

3. Ten years before her frocks had been somewhat on the showy side.

4. Too bad she wasn't more photogenic. On the homely side, I thought.

5. It was a smallish room, with big deep leather chairs of a delicate brown colour.

6. Near the front of the audience, a youngish man sprang to his feet.

7. The holiday proved to be one of the happier times that Keith and Natalie had ever known.

8. Nothing you can possibly do could improve the situation in the slightest.



Упражнение 9. Переведите на русский язык следующие предложения:


1. Over 8 million calls were made by the cricket fans to the Telephone Test Match Score Service.

2. Jobs-For-Youth Club May Have to Close

The Trafalgar Street center, opened last year to give jobs to a few of the North-East’s work-hungry youngsters, is in the midst of a financial crisis which could force it to close.

3. The Mid-term election campaign in America came amid mounting public anger and discontent. Both the President and the Vice President based most of the campaign invectives on the ‘law and order’ and “Clean up Congress” theme.

4. It was a sudden wind change that sent the first black waves lapping over dozens of holiday beaches and oyster beds, bringing destruction which will cost millions of francs.

5. Home Office spokesman said yesterday that their policy was not to disclose any information about a taxpayer or his affairs without his prior consent.

6. His April Budget increases formed a very large part in the retail price index increase during that month.

7. The Treasurer introduced a Bill to implement the Government's plan to give preferential taxation treatment to life insurance companies.

8. A week of county council election opened in England and Wales yesterday when Monmouthshire and Norfolk went to the polls.


Упражнение 10. Переведите следующие предложения:


1. Even if these proposals were acted upon, and it is now evident that the President has disavowed it, the fundamental guns-instead-of-butter nature of the economy would in no way be altered.

2. Representatives of 122 Governments arrived in Geneva at the weekend to attend the "little General Assembly". This is the name given here to the three-month United Nations World Trade and Development Conference which opens today.

3. Paradoxically, the poll returns mean that he will be able to go ahead with his plan to introduce a pay-as-you-earn income tax scheme, which had been the main issue of the elections.

4. From these bases Chiang's U.S.-supplied forces have repeatedly attacked cities on the mainland and Chinese shipping. (Chiang Kaishek — Чан-Кайши)

5. U.S.-shifted UN officials will presumably be obedient tools at the ready and full command of Mr.Dulles or his lieutenants.

6. Reflecting on last week's disastrous local election results most Labour MPs have at last realized that their Prime Minister's home and foreign policies are vote-losers.

7. Only one-quarter of the world's synoptic surface weather observation posts are below the Equator.

8. The protest is against National Coal Board redundancy notices to 140 miners, mainly young men of under 21, which take effect today.


Упражнение 11. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на перевод многочленных атрибутивных словосочетаний:


1. Responding to the delegate's anti-Tory sentiments by making continual attacks on the Government, Mr. Wilson gave a few details of the national executive's mild-after-water proposals for remedying the defects of the economy.

2. President Chirac prepared yesterday to fly to France's Mururoa nuclear test atoll in the Pacific.

3. I believe that TV is the least effective war reporting media because it presents images rather than a whole story.

4. Worried councillors in North Wales have called a public meeting to discuss the extent of radioactive pollution from Sellafield along the coast. The meeting was called by Gwynned county council's public protection committee after councillors heard reports of the high risk of radioactivity in the Irish sea.

5. His school draws about 600 day pupils from 13 villages. Many of his boarders are service children, sometimes two of the same family. Their costs are covered by the Ministry of Defense's boarding school allowances.

6. The British Pest Control Association warned in a report that pests carried a "devastating range of diseases," but hospital pest control budgets were being squeezed.

7. A crisis meeting is being held in London next Monday between secretaries of the printing trade unions and the proprietors of the Daily Sketch.

8. A Government bid to attract more fast-spending foreign tourists to Britain by improving hotels was revealed in the Commons yesterday in the second day of the four-day Budget debate. A new country-wide scheme of grants for hotel extensions and improvements was announced.


Упражнение 12. Переведите текст:


Half Million Kids Less Free School Dinners


The scandal of the children who just line up and watch while their schoolmates eat is described today by two pressure groups, Ginger Bread and the Child Poverty Action Group.

In a joint statement they accuse Education Secretary Shirley Williams and local education authorities of not doing enough to publicize government measures to help poor pupils get free meals.

Child Poverty Action Group director Frank Field said the result is that half a million poor children are losing free school dinners and some poor children are having nothing at all to eat at lunchtime.


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