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Рекомендуемая литература:

~ Левицкая Т.Р., Фитерман А.М. Пособие по переводу с английского языка на русский. М., 1973, с.15-16;

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1. Всегда ли необходимо передавать значение артикля при переводе?

2.Перечислите основные функции артикля. Приведите примеры «нетипичных» случаев употребления определенного и неопределенного артиклей.

3. Какими средствами русского языка можно передать функции и значения артикля при переводе?

Упражнение 1. Проанализируйте приведенные переводы. Назовите способы передачи артикля.


1. I cannot identify anyone. But I could testify that a woman came out of that particular room at that particular time. Я не могу никого опознать. Но я могу засвидетельствовать, что какая-то женщина вышла из этой самой комнаты как раз в это время.
2. “Unless I can get to a major competition and win it”, a young American concert pianist said to me once, “I haven’t a hope of establishing myself here”. «Если я не попаду на какой-нибудь крупный конкурс и не одержу там победу, - сказал мне как-то один молодой американский пианист, - у меня нет никакой надежды занять здесь какое-нибудь положение».
3. I was beginning to mix with people of a kind I’d never mixed with before. Я начал встречаться с такими людьми, с которыми никогда не встречался раньше.
4. It was a very sharp and decisive Poirot who spoke now. Теперь Пуаро говорил иначе. Это был совсем другой Пуаро, резкий и решительный.
5. “She is inviting Jackson”. “Is he the one?” «Она приглашает Джексона». «Это тот самый


Упражнение 2. Проанализируйте и переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на перевод артиклей.

1. There was a time when the government leaders were well aware of this.

2. I became aware that a phase in our life had ended.

3. The speaker was not very sensitive. A restlessness in his audience was not noticed by him.

4. An acquaintance suggested that he should go into business and the idea seems to have appealed to him.

5. Miss Trotwood came on the Friday when David was born.

6. Babies normally gain a kilo a month.

7. “Which candidate are you against?” – “All the candidates have given me a reason to vote against them.”

8. In a foreign policy address, the choice of theme is in itself a policy decision: the choice of topics sets priorities; the choice of words is studied closely in foreign capitals.

9. I’ve got a feeling that you’re going to be famous one day, baby. But you have to get an education first. This is America. You can become anybody you want to be.

10. This is the first time a breathof scandal has ever touched the Stanhope family.


Упражнение 3. Переведите на русский язык, обосновав выбор варианта перевода выделенных существительных с артиклем.

1. His grandfather married a Rotschild, and there have been financial and family links between the two banking clans ever since.

2. In the Egypt of the Pharaohs a woman was forbidden to bear further children if her firstborn son bled to death from a minor wound.

3. Can I then say that the America I saw has put cleanliness first at the expense of taste?

4. One is the America of Abraham Lincoln, the other is the America of Theodore Roosevelt and the modern superpatriots.

5. He was introduced to a Mr. Black.

6. You hadn’t told me her name yet! Who is she? She’s a Mrs. Erlynne.

7. Then let me lay it out for you. Romano will put in an insurance claim for half a million dollars for the Renoir he’s hidden away somewhere, and he’ll collect. The insurance company will be after you, not him. When things cool down, he’ll sell the painting to a private party and make another half million thanks to your do-it-yourself approach.

8. Nobody understands England today, and nobody will understand England tomorrow, least of all the Englishman.

9. The opponents of gun control argue that no amount of legislation could have prevented a determined assassin from acquiring a weapon and killing a Kennedy.

10. Tracy looked around at lovely oak-paneled room with its shelves of leather-bound volumes, the two Corots, a small Copley, and a Reynolds.


Упражнение 4. Переведите на русский язык следующие предложения.

1. Miss Prism, more is restored to you than the handbag. I was the baby you placed in it.

2. The shooting down of a man in an East London pub and the “butchery” of another in a Stroke Newington flat were described to a hushed court at the Old Bailey yesterday.

3. There has been talk of a coalition to solve the nation’s difficulties, but a coalition is useless without a common purpose and a shared philosophy.

4. Spain’s Public Order Court today sentenced Gonzalo Arias, a 42-year-old writer, to seven months imprisonment for parading in a Madrid street with placards calling for non-violent protest and free elections.

5. The so-called British “peace initiative” said not a word about stopping the bombing – the crucial question on which world opinion was concentrating.

6. Even when the General Assembly is in recess, the United Nations Headquarters is one of the relatively few buildings in New York where work goes on twenty-four hours a day.

7. Do you think it will make a difference to us? A difference. It’ll make the difference.

8. To gain freedom one sacrifices something – the house, the comfort, the tulips in the garden, and all that these things signify.

9. But Sidney was only a facade. Behind the handsome front lived the ‘genuine’ Sidney, feeble, lacking all tenacity of purpose in important matters, though obstinate where trifles were concerned.

10. What is the right attitude towards criticism?


Упражнение 5. Переведите тексты, обращая внимание на передачу артиклей.

1. “My name,” he said, “is Hercule Poirot”.

“Not,” the Commissary stammered, “not the Hercule Poirot?”

“The same,” said M.Poirot.

2. Our family name – on my oath, this is true – was Einstein. No relation to the Einstein but don’t you think that’s funny? The one name that’s apt to survive the next twenty centuries wasn’t good enough for my family.

3. “So Marie Hopeman is dead.”

“Yes”, I said. “She’s dead”.

“It’s always the best who go,” – he murmured. “We’ll never see a Marie Hopeman again.”

“No sir. We won’t see a Marie Hopeman again.”

4. “I don’t pretend to be a great painter,” he said, “I’m not a Michael Angelo, no, but I have something, I sell. I bring romance into the homes of all sorts of people...”



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