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You can see a boy in the picture. — Yes, there is a boy in the picture.

1. You've got a book in front of you.________________________________________________

2. She's got many foreign books in her library. ________________________________________

3. They've got many pets at home. _________________________________________________

4. She's got three mistakes in her test. _______________________________________________

5. You've got no laboratory on the first floor. _________________________________________

6. You can see a farm near the forest. _______________________________________________

7. You can see a lot of interesting pictures in this book. _________________________________


8. You can see a TV set in the hall. _________________________________________________

9. You can see a large family in this picture. __________________________________________

10. You can see many difficult words in this text. _____________________________________

11. You can see many countries on this map. _________________________________________

12. You can see two sentences on the blackboard.______________________________________


Exercise 2. Use the verb "to be" in the correct form:


1. There ... a pen and two pencils on the desk. 2. There ... two pencils and a pen on the desk. 3. There ... a lot of snow in the streets. 4. There ... much bread on the table. 5. There ... twelve chairs and a table in the room. 6. There ... a table and twelve chairs in the room. 7. ... there much water in the jug? 8. ... there much or little money in the purse? 9. ... there any chalk on the blackboard? 10. How many pages ... there in the book? 11. ... there much food in the fridge?


1. There ... news from them. 2. There ... a lot of vegetables in the market. 3. There ... so little hair on his head that he looked much older. 4. There ... some money for you to spend. 5. The room seemed empty. There ... hardly any furniture. 6. There ... a lot of children's summer clothes in our shop. 7. In the newspapers there ... a lot of information about computers. 8. There ... good as well as useless advice. 9. There ... little I can do to help you. 10. There ... no means of achieving your aim.


Exercise 3. Complete the sentences:


1. In this country there _________________________________________________________. 2. In Asia there ________________________________________________________________.

3. In our library there ___________________________________________________________.

4. In the street there _____________________________________________________________.

5. In the sun there_______________________________________________________________.

6. In the University there_________________________________________________________.

7. In the room there _____________________________________________________________.

8. Under I he window there_______________________________________________________.

9. On the table there ____________________________________________________________.

10. On the wall there ____________________________________________________________.

11. In the picture there___________________________________________________________.

12. In the exercise there__________________________________________________________.

13. On the page there____________________________________________________________.

14. In the kitchen there __________________________________________________________.

15. In the fridge there ___________________________________________________________.

16. On the left there ____________________________________________________________.

Exercise 4. Make questions according to the model:


Model: There is a teacher in the classroom. - Is there a teacher in the classroom?


1. There are many photos in this album.______________________________________________

2. There is a lot of fruit in the basket. _______________________________________________

3. There is some clean paper on the desk. ____________________________________________

4. There is a magazine in your bag. _________________________________________________

5. There are no people in the hall. __________________________________________________

6. There is a key in his pocket. ____________________________________________________

7. There is a lot of noise I here. ____________________________________________________

8. There is nobody at home. _______________________________________________________

9. There are two sandwiches in her bag. _____________________________________________

10. There is something in your hand. ________________________________________________

11. There are many students in the lab. ______________________________________________


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