Exercise 3. Read the text. Complete the gaps with prepositions.

It was 8 oclock on cold morning January. She was still asleep. She usually stayed bed about 9 oclock the winter. Suddenly she was woken up by a knocking at the door. She got bed and went the door. There was a man the doorstep. She thought she recognized him. Hello, Edna, he said. Its Tom. Can I come ? And then she knew who it was but she didnt quite believe it. She hadnt seen him thirty years, not the summer of 1940 when shed said goodbye to him the night his final departure. That was when he went off war. It was two years that when she received the letter the War Office which said that Tom had been missing some time and was now presumed dead. She kept on hoping that they were wrong right up the of the war. But then she gave up. then , shed continued to think of Tom every day. his birthday, she always stayed at home all day because she couldnt bear to meet anybody. Shed met Tom age of sixteen and theyd had a wonderful time together the start of the war. She was nineteen when war broke out and theyd been together three years. They were going to get married war.

She looked at his face. It was still the same face but with quite a few lines it and there was a bit less hair his head. He put his hand his pocket and took out a small photograph. It was one shed sent him just his disappearance. It was a picture of her teenager the war. She held it her hand and remembered back to those times. She felt rather hot and dizzy and thought that she might fall the floor at any moment. She asked him to come the living-room and they sat down together to tell their stories.


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