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Exercise 3. Read the text. Complete the gaps with prepositions.

It was 8 o’clock on cold morning … January. She was still asleep. She usually stayed … bed … about 9 o’clock … the winter. Suddenly she was woken up by a knocking at the door. She got … bed and went … the door. There was a man … the doorstep. She thought she recognized him. “Hello, Edna”, he said. “It’s Tom. Can I come …?” And then she knew who it was but she didn’t quite believe it. She hadn’t seen him … thirty years, not … the summer of 1940 when she’d said goodbye to him the night … his final departure. That was when he went off … war. It was two years … that when she received the letter … the War Office which said that Tom had been missing … some time and was now presumed dead. She kept on hoping that they were wrong right up … the of the war. But then she gave up. … then , she’d continued to think of Tom every day. … his birthday, she always stayed at home all day because she couldn’t bear to meet anybody. She’d met Tom … age of sixteen and they’d had a wonderful time together … the start of the war. She was nineteen when war broke out and they’d been together … three years. They were going to get married … war.

She looked at his face. It was still the same face but with quite a few lines … it and there was a bit less hair … his head. He put his hand … his pocket and took out a small photograph. It was one she’d sent him just … his disappearance. It was a picture of her … teenager …the war. She held it … her hand and remembered back to those times. She felt rather hot and dizzy and thought that she might fall … the floor at any moment. She asked him to come … the living-room and they sat down together to tell their stories.


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