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Exercise 10. Answer the following questions using "don't have to" or "needn't.'*! Work in pairs.

1. Must I watch all his movements? 2. Should I be nice to her? 3. Must I phone you every day? 4. Do I have to come here again tomorrow? 5. Must I wear this dress at the party? 6. Should I insist on his coming? 7. Must we do this exercise in writing? 8. Should I listen to her? 9. Do you have to type all these letters tonight? 10. Do you have to get up at 6 o'clock tomorrow? 11. Do we have to pay for the lunch? 12. Should I wear a uniform at the ceremony? 13. Do you have to serve coffee to the visitors? 14. Do I have to stay till they come? 15. Do I have to explain my absence?

Exercise 11. Use "must," "to have" or "to be":

1. The train....... arrive in five minutes, we....... hurry up. 2. If he doesn't meet you at the station you....... take a taxi. 3. They...... be here an hour ago. 4.1....... go to the library after classes because I....... make a report tomorrow. 5. It........ be a very interesting novel, I know the author. 6.1 don't think you....... wait long. 7. They....... marry early in June, so they... .…stay in Moscow. 8. She....... clean her shoes after working in the garden. 9. The lecture...... begin in a minute. 10. You....... be tired, you....... have a little rest. 11.1 ...... answer a lot of questions at the examination. 12. We ... …leave on Monday.

Exercise 12. Use "was (were) to" or "had to":

1. He..... train hard the whole year. 2. The contest...... take place in the school Assembly Hall. 3. The weather was nasty and we....... put off the trip. 4. There was a storm of applause and the singer....... go out on the stage several times. 5. Later they……. meet a few more times. 6. It…... happen. 7. He ...... rewrite his paper. 8.1... ….repeat the question several times. 9. One party....... ask questions, the other.......answer them in 30 seconds. 10. What ........ I do under the circumstances?

Exercise 13. Make up a list of what a student has and what he doesn't have to do:

get up early every day, attend all lectures, be on time for classes, prepare for classes every day, miss practical classes, study on Sundays, take exams twice a year, work hard, stay at the University after classes, have only excellent marks, take notes of all lectures, buy textbooks, know the names of all professors, earn money, go in for sports, wear a uniform, work during the vacation, learn two foreign languages, know how to use computers, be smart and intelligent, serve in the army, I bring parents to the University, pay the tuition, clean the lecture rooms.

what a student has to do what he doesn't have to do:


Exercise 14. Express advice or recommendation using the models:

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