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1 My Story Begins. Chapter 1 6
2 Lowood School. Chapter 2... 8
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7 A terrible night. Chapter 7.. 19
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9 Mr Rochester's Wife. Chapter 9.. 24
10 Moor House. Chapter 10. 28
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A Note About the Author



Charlotte Bronte was born on 21st April 1816. She lived in the village of Haworth, in West Yorkshire, in the north of England. Her father was a clergyman. He worked in the church at Haworth.

Charlotte had four sisters. They were Maria, Elizabeth, Emily and Anne. Charlotte had one brother - Branwell. Charlotte was not pretty and her eyes were weak. But Charlotte was clever and she had a strong character.

In 1824, Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Emily were pupils at a school called Cowan Bridge. The school was fifty miles from Haworth. It was a bad school and many of the children became sick. In 1825, Maria and Elizabeth died. Charlotte and Emily went home. From 1825 to 1831, Charlotte's father taught his children at home.

In 1831, Charlotte was fifteen years old. She was a pupil at a school called Roe Head. Later, she was a teacher at this school.

In 1842, Charlotte and Emily studied in Brussels in Belgium. Charlotte was a clever student. But she was unhappy. She fell in love with a married man. And she returned to England.


Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Branwell wrote stories and they drew pictures. They also wrote poetry. Branwell was going to be an artist. But he became ill. He drank alcohol and he took drugs.

The Bronte sisters sent their stories to a publisher. In the 1850s, women's stories were not often published. So Charlotte wrote her books with the name, Currer Bell. Emily wrote Wuthering Heights with the name, Ellis Bell. And Anne wrote Agnes Grey with the name, Acton Bell. Their books were very popular. Soon people wanted to meet these authors. Then they were surprised. These good writers were women!

Charlotte Bronte's novels are: The Professor, Jane Eyre (1847), Shirley (1849) and Villette (1853). Jane Eyre is one of the most popular stories in English. In 1847, people read Jane Eyre and they were surprised. Women did not often speak about their hopes and their thoughts. Women did not talk to men in this way!

In 1848, Emily and Branwell died. Anne died the next year. Charlotte lived with her old father. She was now a famous author. People wanted to meet her. Charlotte travelled to London and she met poets, artists and writers. She visited theatres, museums and art galleries. In 1854, Charlotte married a clergyman, Arthur Nicholls. On 31st March 1855, Charlotte Bronte died. She was 38 years old.



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