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Train Travel Cons

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· Train schedules may not match your preferred travel times and days, so you might have to adjust your itinerary.

· You may have to deal with a late-night layover in a sparsely-populated station in order to make a train connection.

· If you want to visit hill towns or remote archaeological sites, chances are you'll have to learn to use the local bus system or take a taxi from the train station. Big-city train stations are usually located downtown, but smaller train stations are often placed on the outskirts of the towns they serve.

· In many countries, you'll need to reserve your seats – for a fee – and you'll usually have to pay a supplement to travel on a faster train. If you don't reserve a seat, you may end up standing for the duration of your journey.

· You may need to bring your own food and beverages onto the train.

· Conditions may be crowded, dirty or uncomfortable, particularly at peak travel times or in developing countries.

· The locals you meet may turn out to be diehard party animals or, worse, petty criminals. You'll need to wear a money belt to keep your valuables safe.


In the end, you'll need to do some research on train ticket prices, check schedules against your proposed itinerary and weigh the pros and cons of train travel against your personal preferences.

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