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First of all Also, for example

1.Travelling by train has many advantages. There are no stressful traffic jams, and trains are fast and comfortable. You can use the time in different ways. You can just sit and read, or watch the world go by. You can work, or you can have a meal or a snack in the buffet car.

However, For one thing, What is more, for example  


2.Travelling by train also has some disadvantages. It is expensive and the trains are sometimes crowded and delayed. You have to travel at certain times and trains cannot take you from door to door. You need a bus or a taxi to take you to the railway station.


Despite the disadvantages, because…  


3.I prefer travelling by train to travelling by car. I feel more relaxed when I reach my destination.



1. Answer the following questions:

1. Where do trains come in and go out?

2. Where can you buy a ticket for your journey?

3. What is the fare to Kyiv? How much is the return ticket to Odessa?

4. What are waiting-rooms for?

5. Who can help you with your luggage?

6. In what way do porters carry luggage?

7. What is a luggage van?

8. What kinds of trains do you know? What trains do you prefer? Why?

9. Where can one have a light refreshment?

10.What trains have dining-cars?

11.Do you prefer to book your ticket beforehand or to queue up at the booking-office?

12.What is the left-luggage office?

13.What do the people who prefer to travel light do with their luggage?

14.Do you usually travel light or with a lot of things?

15.Where can you buy a newspaper at the railway station?

16.Do you like seeing your friends and relatives off?

17.Do you like it when your friends and relatives come to see you off?

18.What does a big railway station look like?

19.Where can one get information about the time of arrival and departure of trains?

20.How many people can travel in a sleeping compartment?


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