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Choose the best answer for each of gaps in these travel-related sentences.

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1. The Chicago train leaves from ______ 4.

a) line

b) bank

c) quay

d) platform

2. Before getting on the train, make sure you get a ticket from the ______.

a) ticket office

b) box office

c) waiting room

d) check in

3. I had so much ______ on the train, but this nice man helped me when we arrived in Paris.

a) bags

b) luggage

c) box

d) packing

4. I got into St. Louis too late and I missed my ______ to New Orleans.

a) connect

b) connection

c) coincidence

d) link


2. Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:


Начало формы

1. During rush hour, there are so many people on the train that all of the seats are taken, so it's ______________ if you want to ride.

A. empty B. fare C. standing room only

2. The conductor just made ______________ that the train would be delayed for about 15 minutes due to an accident.

A. an announcement B. a reservation C. a train pass

3. These seats are reserved for senior citizens and the physically impaired, so you might have to ___________ your seat if needed.

A. take B. give up C. remove

3. Choose the correct word (from the list on the right) to complete each of the following sentences:

Sleeper lost completely missed platform car student lavatories cash delay

1) I don't have my _______ identification card.

2) 2) I don't have any _______ . Can I pay by credit card?

3) I _______ my ticket

4) I _______ my train.

5) We can't find the ________ that our train leaves from.

6) Are the _______ occupied?

7) I asked for a ______ seat because I like to sleep on trains.

8) ) My window won't close ________ ( = all the way). Can you fix it?

9) Why is there such a long _________?

10) I'm hungry. Is there a restaurant _______ on this train?

Начало формы

Конец формы

4. Match the following


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