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The first railway in our country was opened in 1837 and since that time people have covered millions of kilometers travelling from one-part of the country to another by train.

Long-distance trains are 1. … trains. Local trains make the 2 …, and you can get on or off a train at a very small station, even if it is only a platform. If you are going to a 3. …place, a sleeping compartment will be very comfortable.

It is obvious that from time to time one should leave the place-he likes or works in for a while to change the 4. … because one does get tired of the same surroundings and 5. …. Hence some relaxation is essential to restore your mental and physical 6. …. And the best way of relaxation is to go to a place where you have never been before. Modern life is 7. … without travelling.

Travelling by train is very popular nowadays. To be on the safe-side and not to spend long hours in a 8. …, you’d better book tickets in advance. Before
getting off you make your preparations: you visit your relatives and friends, you
pack your luggage. Then the day of your departure comes, you call a taxi and go
to the railway station.

When the 9. … announces that your train is in, the passengers are asked to take their seats. The carriage and 10. … are appointed in your ticket, and you find them easily. And now it is time for you to find your berth. It may be a lower 11 …, which is more convenient; or an 12. … one, a corner seat or a seat facing the engine, or back to engine one. After finding your seat you put your luggage into a special box under the lower berth. Soon the train starts off. You seat in a cozy compartment and enjoy the country you are travelling through. It's much more convenient to travel by express trains for it takes you less time to get to your 13. ….

There is no denying the fact that travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. Modern trains have very comfortable seats in all passenger carriages and there are sleeping - cars and dining - cars that makes even the longest journey enjoyable.

6. Find the synonyms for:

2. Return ticket

3. Booking –office

4. Cloak-room

5. Guard

6. Trunk

7. Trail

8. Journey

9. Travelling companion

10. Carriage

11. Luggage

12. One way ticket

13. Bunk

14. Schedule

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