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If seats are designated for disabled, elderly or pregnant passengers, do not sit in them unless you fall into one of those categories.

Do not put your feet on the seat across from you.


In the past, some train toilets flushed directly onto the tracks. Today, you may still encounter train restrooms of this sort; you can check by flushing the toilet and watching where the water goes. If you are on this type of train, do not use the restroom while the train is in the station. Should your train happen to have restrooms with closed flush systems, avoid flushing garbage or items that could block the plumbing. Tip: Bring your own toilet paper.


Be considerate of your fellow passengers. Keep the volume on your iPod or MP3 player low, use ear buds and avoid conducting loud conversations with fellow travelers or on your cell phone. If you are eating, keep package crinkling sounds to a minimum, if possible.


Many train travelers bring their own food with them. If you are packing a meal, try to choose foods that do not have strong aromas. Remember to throw away your trash.


When your train pulls into the station, stand away from the door until passengers have finished disembarking. Then, step carefully up into the train car.

While walking through the train car, steady yourself by placing one hand on the corridor wall or on seat backs. If the train swerves, you will be able to avoid falling onto your fellow passengers.

Keep your money, valuables and travel documents with you at all times. On long trips, place these items in a money belt and wear the belt, even when you sleep.

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