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Extremely, absolutely, very, terribly, quite.

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However, not all combinations of adverb and adjective are possible.

Make a note of the combinations in the box and use them in the sentences below:

a) extremely / very / terribly annoyed d) absolutely / quite unacceptable
b) absolutely /quite filthy e) extremely/very/terribly disappointed
c) absolutely/quite sure f) extremely / very / terribly sorry

1) I’m _________ that I didn't make any international phone calls from my room.

2) We were ____________________ with the hotel, considering that so many people had recommended it to us.

3) The standard of the food was terrible. It was _________.

4) The swimming-pool obviously hadn't been cleaned for ages. It was _________.

5) I'm ___________that it's so noisy.

Unfortunately, it's unavoidable because we're having essential repairs done.

6) The chef is obviously a perfectionist. He gets ______________________ if the slightest thing goes wrong.

XII. Choose the best word to complete the sen­tences.

1) Send someone up to my room at once — the bathroom hasn't been cleaned and it's _______ disgusting.

a) very b) extremely c) terribly d) absolutely

2) The food isn't bad but the service is ________ slow.

a) absolutely b) utterly c) totally d) very

3) The training that they give their staff is extremely _________.

a) brilliant b) magnificent c) good d) wonderful

4) The problem with holidays in England is that the weather is often very ________.

a) awful b) terrible c) dreadful d) bad

5) This is the worst bottle of wine I have ever had. It is absolutely — it tastes like vinegar.

a) bad b) sour c) disgusting d) unpleasant

6) I'm _________ sorry Room Service haven't brought you your coffee yet. I'll ask them to bring it up straightaway.

a) bitterly b) quite c) absolutely d) terribly

7) Please tell the chef that was the best steak I have ever
had. It was _________ marvellous.

a) terribly b) absolutely c) very d) extremely

8) The room I'm in is ________ having another one.

a) quite b) absolutely c) totally d) extremely

9) I'm certainly not going in the pool — it looks very _________.

a) dirty b) filthy c) disgusting d) revolting

10) The last hotel where I worked was abso­lutely ________ — there were over 900 bedrooms.

a) enormous b) big c) large d) high

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