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The world record for the most traffic offences in the

shortest period of time is held by a man from Frisco, in

Texas, who achieved this feat in the first twenty minutes


of car ownership.

Having hitch-hiked to the nearby city of McKinney on

15 October 1966, he bought a 1953 Ford and drove out of

the used car showroom at 3.50pm.

At 3.54 he collided with a 1952 Chevrolet driven by

a local woman, Mrs Wilma Smith Bailey, at the corner

of McKinney and Heard Street.

One minute later he collided again 90 feet south of

Virginia Street and Tennessee Street with another

Chevrolet, driven by Miss Sally Whitsel of Farmersville. Feeling more confident now in his new vehicle, he next

drove round the courthouse one-way system in the wrong direction. Forty-six feet later he hit a 1963 Ford. It was

still only 3.58.

He continued in this vein until 4.15pm, when he was

in deep conversation with Patrolman Richard Buchanan,

having just hit a Ford Mustang in Louisiana Street.

In the space of just 20 minutes he had acquired 10 traffic

tickets, caused six accidents, hit four cars without stopping

and driven on the wrong side of the road four times. When questioned, this determined motorist, who had

not driven for lO years, said: "They don't drive like they


used to".




T"hGrolowria'the trave11erscheques!

out the travellers cheques!"



(From The Retum of Heror·c Failures by Stephen Pile)


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