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Exercise 9 Write a complaint letter.

Доверь свою работу кандидату наук!
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой

Exercise 10 Listen to the text and choose the right variant [1.5;1]:

1 At first Kevin had visited Chile as a tourist and loved it, then he decided to open a restaurant there because Chileans are ……., and are quite open to new things, new ideas.

a) pro-Asians

b) pro-Europeans

c) pro-Americans

d) pro-Kazakhs

e) pro-Russians

2 Kevin serves mainly international dishes like …., …… and …… .

a) besbarmak, kuyrdak and kazy

b) pasta, steak and fries

c) rice, fish and other seafood

d) apple, banana and salad

e) onion, carrot and potatoes

3 Kevin has in his restaurant ……..... for breakfast.

a) trifle – that’s a typical English dessert

b) pancake – Russian dessert

c) chak-chak – Kazakh dessert

d) croissant rolls – an American dessert

e) caramel soufflé – French dessert

4 How many women do work in Kevin’s restaurant?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 5

d) 7

e) 0

5 Why do in Kevin’s mind there are far more men then women in restaurant kitchens?

a) women hate cooking in restaurant kitchens

b) the atmosphere, women don’t like being shouted at

c) men don’t like working together with women

d) men cook better than women

e) women cook better than men


Exercise 11 Have you ever tried English food? What did you think of it?

Listen to the text again and answer the questions:

1 Why did he decide to open a restaurant in Chile?

2 Why did he call it Fredirick’s?

3 Why were Chilean people surprised when he opened his restaurant?

4 What English dishes does he serve in his restaurant? Are they popular?

5 Where does he recommend tourists eat in England? Why?


Exercise 12 Finish the sentences:

1. I would always wanted to have my own restaurant and it would have been very expensive to do that in ….. .

a) France

b) China

c) the USA

d) England

e) Kazakhstan

2. I had visited …… as a tourist and loved it, and I thought it would be a good place because Chileans are very pro-European, and are quite open to new things, new ideas.

a) Kazakhstan

b) The USA

c) Chile

3. Because …….. my father’s name. it’s my second name too.

a) Patrice’s

b) Frederick’s

c) Nurjan’s


1. Choose the right variantof present continuous.

She can’t come to the phone now. She …. a shower.

a) has

b) is having

c) will have

d) had

2. Choose the right variant of present simple.

We …… an answer from you before Wednesday.

a) need

b) are needing

c) needed

d) will need

3. Choose the right variant of present simple.

He never ….. to my e-mails.

a) is being replied

b) was replying

c) are replying

d) replies

4. Choose the right variantof present simple.

“Are you going to the park this afternoon?” – “I don’t know. It ….. on the weather.”

a) depends

b) is depending

c) depended

d) had depended


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