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IX. Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложения. Найдите и исправьте те предложения, которые не соответствуют содержанию текста.

1. The name "geography" means description of the weather;

2. There are few unexplored areas on the Earth's surface;

3. Geography makes use of other branches of science;

4. Blank spaces conceal vast natural resources;

5. The task of the geographer is to learn foreign languages;

6. Cartography deals with all sorts of maps;

7. Physical geography and climatology are marginal branches of geography;

8. Regional geography studies the nature and resources of a specific area.


X. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:

1. What does the word geography mean?

2. What did ancient geographers study?

3. What does modern geography study?

4. Is the study of the natural environment in the focus of attention of modern geographers?

5. What is the most fascinating aspect of exploration?

6. What are the tasks of the geographic explorer?

7. Modern geography isn't a complex science, is it?

8. Can you name the branches of modern geography?

9. Where have the marginal branches of geography appeared?

10. Does regional geography study global problems?


XI. Заполните следующую таблицу:

Branch of geography The object of its research
  Physical characteristics of earth's surface, landforms, vegetation, soils.
  Systematic and regional study of world climates, physical and dynamic climatology. Climate classification.
  Surface waters characteristics of selected climatic regions.
  Economic nature of resources.
  Rational use of soils and land, waters, minerals, forests and wildlife. Land use planning.
  Industrial location.
  Location and distribution of urban centres, land use, city planning.
  Transport facilities and patterns of movement. Interaction of transportation and regional development.
  Mapping, topographic, thematic maps, map classification.


Расскажите о своей будущей специальности и той области географии, в которой вы хотели бы специализироваться.



This is Britain

“Great Britain” has several different names. Some people say “Britain” or “the United Kingdom”, or just “UK”. There are four different countries in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Everyone from Britain is British, but only people from England are English. People from Scotland are Scottish, people from Wales are Welsh, and people from Northern Ireland are Irish. Don’t call a Scottish or Welsh person English. He won’t like it! The fact is that the Scots and the Welsh still feel that they are separate nationalities.

Altogether more than 56 million people live in Britain, many of them in big industrial cities like London, Liverpool and Manchester, but people are often surprised by how much of Britain is open country, with lonely hills and woods, quiet rivers, lakes and farmlands.

Everyone in Britain speaks English. But in some parts of Scotland and Wales people speak an older language as well. The Welsh are especially proud of their language, and you can see road signs in Welsh all over Wales.

Everyone speaks English, but they do not all speak in the same way. A Scottish person has to listen carefully if he wants to understand a Londoner. And when a Welsh person speaks everyone knows at once where he comes from!

Many people think that the weather is cold and wet in Britain all the year-round. But it isn’t! True, it sometimes rains and even snows for days and days, but every year there are weeks of beautiful sunny weather when the British put on their bikinis and go out to sunbathe.


Answer the following questions:

1. What other names has Great Britain? What is the official name of the state?

2. What are the main nationalities in Great Britain and what countries do they live in?

3. Why don’t Scottish and Welsh people like to be called English?

4. Does the majority of Britain’s population live in cities or in the country?

5. What people speak some other language besides English?

6. Is it easy for people from different parts of Great Britain to understand each other? Does the same problem exist in our country?

7. Is it correct to say that the English weather is nasty?


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