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Read the following sentences

(a) Find out abbreviations/blendings and comment on their formation

(b) Translate the sentences paying attention to Slovak equivalents of the abbreviations

1. "No, what should I say?" "You know bro." "Be cool." (S. Turow)

2. He's probably in the gym. (J. Grisham)

3. Miss Caruthers, the phys ed teacher, lined them up, their books to the players in the field. (H. Robins)

4. He was wearing brand-new jeans and a Microsoft T-shirt. After all, Will was a sports fan and a pop music fan ... (N. Hornby)

5. "I would never have sent David if I thought it was dangerous." He smiled. "Trust me. Any sign of trouble, and I'll send in the pros." (D. Brown)

6. So unsafe was it, particular after dark, that the police often wouldn't let us out until the small hours, particularly on nights of big demos. (B. Bryson)

7. "It's funny, right?" he asks. "It's like a sitcom." (S. Turow)

8. A TV went on too loudly in an adjoining room. (S.Turow)

3. Do you know the meanings of the italicized English words and their Slovak counterparts/equivalents?

(a) Discuss the differences and similarities

(b) Translate the sentences

1. (a) I'll just go and put the car in the garage. (LED)

(b) From Danny Condon of the garage at Kilauran the Captain bought a motor car. (W. Trevor)

Danny Condon z autoservisu v Kilaurane predal kapitánovi auto. (J. Kot)

2. (a) By convention, the bride's father given her away at her wedding. The European convention on human rights was approved.

(b) And that was all, even though the two projects I prepared for the coming year were the real high spots of the whole convention. (J. Heller)

A to bolo všetko, hoci tie dva projekty, ktorй som pripravil na budъci rok boli naozaj vyvrcholenнm konferencie. (J. Samcová)

Pick of the week's gossip

George Clooney is mourning the death of his most constant companion: a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. Clooney bought the pig, named Max, 18 years ago, for his then-girlfriend Kelly Preston. When she left, Max stayed. He was given the run of the house - sometimes sleeping in Clooney's bed - and grew to 21 stone. Clooney, 45, said he would not be buying a replacement pig. "I think Max covered all my pig needs. He's been a big part of my life." (The Week)

1.2 Translation, language and communication

Talking points

1. Explain the difference between: translation as a process and translation as a product

2. Explain: translation as a science, an art, a skill, a matter of taste

Describe the problems connected with the process of translation as a communicative act

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