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Translate the sentences paying attention to the words in italics and compare their meaning with similar words in Slovak

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1. We need to provide a convincing argument as to why the system should

be changed. (LED)

He got into argument with Jeff in the pub last night

2. I wanted a job with good prospects of promotion. (LED)

There was a promotion in the supermarket and they were giving away free glasses of wine.

3. Round-the-clock protection is given to all senior politicians.

Their flimsy tent gave hardly any protection against the severe storm.

4. The faculty is meeting tomorrow at 10 am. She had a great faculty for absorbing information. (LED) It attracted a thousand top students and a very bright faculty. (J. Grisham)

A preto pritahovala ročnм tisнcku špičkových študentov a najkvalitnмjšнch učiteнov. (A. Redlingerová)

5. Do you like cream in your coffee?

Put some cream on to protect your face.

6. We passed through a door into the Times editorial suite and I gasped quietly. (B. Bryson)

Her suite includes advisers, secretaries and bodyguards.

7. A famous Italian opera singer is coming.

I'd seen it all in the movies. (...) The ballroom on the lower level with the plush leather booths and the singer in the spotlight with her smoky voice and shimmering silver dress. (P. Auster)

2. Read the sentences and their translations. Comment on their lexical structure(one word - a group of words, collocation/idiom)

1. In any case, practically overnight, Bobby turned himself from a dead stockbroker ... into a live, if somewhat unqualified, agent-appraiser ... (J.D. Salinger)

Takrečeno za jednu noc sa zo skrachovanйho akcionár a ... premenil na podnikavйho. I keп trochu nekvalifikovanйho odhadcщ ... (J. Kot)

2. It's just that he seems such a queer fish for you have .. .gone for in that way. (K. Amis)

Len sa mi nevidн, že si si na to vybrala právм takйho čudáka. (E. Šimečková)

3. Miss Stoner turned white to the lips as she listened. (A.C. Doyle) Slečna Stonerová zbledla na celej tvári, keп to počula. (A. Bednár)

4. Joyce checked to see that her husband's dinner jacket was well brushed, his shirt spotless ... (J. Archer)

Joyce sa postarala, aby manželov smoking bol dokonale vyžehlený, košelá bezchybne čistá ... (J. Galata)

5. So Kohler had left in a huff, apparently to go find Vetra himself. (D. Brown)

A tak Kohler nazlostene odišiel. Očividnй sa vybral hfadaќ Vetru sám (D.Havrila)

6. The study was lit by one weak bulb ... and the shadows were long and dark. Tomorrow he would sit at the desk and plunge into paperwork, but not tonight. (J. Grisham)

V pracovnн svietila iba jedna žiarovka ... a vrhala dlhй tmavй tiene. Zajtra si sadnм a pustн sa do papierovania, ale dnes večer ešte nie. (A. Redlingerová)

7. It was a lovely face, with a sculpted look that in a certain light brought to mind an American Indian woman, a high-born squaw. (I. McEwan) (K.Karovičová)

Pуvabnými črtami, akobv vytesanými z kameтa. v istom svetle pripomнnala Indiánku, urodzenъ squaw. (K.karovičová)

3. Translate the sentences. Compare their translation paying attention to the expressions in italics(one word - a group of words, collocation/idiom)

1. He invited me to come along to Africa where he and his wife would be going for their honeymoon. (S. Bellow)

2. I spent some time with one of these pilots, who told alarming stories about coaches and horses that tried to cross the bay at low tide and disappeared into the treacherous quick sands, never to be seen again. (B. Bryson)

3. It was Nelsie's birthday the day after tomorrow and her mother more always liked to get a card through the post. (P. Scanlan)

4. We're meeting him at 9 o'clock tonight. (LED).

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