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Discuss the differences between English and Slovak. Compare their

lexical structure (similarities and differences). Translate the sentences

1. All the principal rooms had a direct line of sight onto private dirt road. (P. Shelby)

2. He parked the car, went down into the basement, stripped off his clothes ... changed into a sweat suit. (J. Sandford)

3. It was as though he had taken a piece of her with him, the piece that used to smell wild flowers with him. (D. Steel)

4. They tried to sell you everything from heroin to cigarettes to stolen soft drinks. (D. Steel)

5. He stops the car, kills the engine, and climbs stiffly out. (D. Lodge)

6. He was not a leader; he was just a simple foot soldier fighting for a cause in a foreign land known as America. (E. Segal)

7. It's like our bedroom before the Diplomatic Wives' jumble sale, with our cast-off clothes all over the bed, she thought. (J. Le Carré)

8. The following morning a black limousine with smoked windows stopped up outside Ohio State University Hospital. (J. Archer)

9. But it's wishful thinking, anyway. They'd never appoint me. (D. Lodge)

10. Lucien and Sterbee had found a cottage in Hennell Street, Epping, surrounded by oaks and weeping willows. (I.Stone)

7 a. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the words in italics.

1. Where is your child now?" Persse asked. He's with foster parents", said Bernadette. (D. Lodge)

2. The medieval fare consisted of fried chicken and jacket potatoes eaten without the convenience of knives and forks. (D. Lodge)

3. Behind it was the football field where Forrest Atlee had romped over opponents and almost became famous before getting bonced off the team. (J. Grisham)

4. This deep in Bible country, it was still an unwritten rule that little was done on Sundays except to go to church, sit on porches, visit neighbors, rest and relax the way God intended. (J. Grisham)

5. „I'm offering twenty-five grand", says Desiree. „It's getting kind of interesting, like a Dutch auction." (D. Lodge)


7 b. Compare your own translation with the following translations

1. "Kde máš teraz dieќa?" opýtal sa Persse. „Je u pestъnov", povedala Bernadeta. (H. Herman)

2. Stredovekй jedlo pozostávalo z vyprážanйho kurčaќa a zemiakov varených v supe, ktorй jedli bezprнborov. (H. Herman)

3. Za тou bolo futbalovй ihrisko, na ktorom Forrest Atlee naháтal sъperov, a bol by sa preslávil, keby ho neboli z družstva vyhodili. (A. Redlingerová)

4. „Ponъknem dvadsaќtisнc dolárov", povie Dйsirйe. "Začina to byќ zaujнmavй ako skotska dražba ". (H. Herman)

5. V tomto puritánskom kraji ešte vždy platilo nepisanй pravidlo, v nedelu sa skoro nič nerobн, okrem návštмvy kostola, vysedávania na veranda, stretávania sa so susedmi a oddychovania, pretože tak to chce Boh. (A. Redlingerová)


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