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Explain the difference between consecutive und simultaneous interpreting

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4. Give other/modified types of interpreting.


Tasks and exercises

1. Prepare words and expressions frequently used in describing tourist's sights or in presentation of the new goods on the market. Interpret the following texts.

London - The Cathedral and the Tower

St. Paul is Sir Christopher Wren's most famous creation and the scene of many great occasions - notably, the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer in 1981. We stop to admire the magnificent interior than carry on to the Tower of London, the fortress built by William the conqueror, which was then enlarged for use as a royal palace, then prison, a treasure house and a museum. We'll see the magnificent Crown Jewels and meet the Beefeaters, in their Tudor costumes. Our tour ends making our first stop-off at around 5.15 pm. (Luxury Sightseeing around London and Britain)

Cambridge - York - North Yorkshire

We meet our Tour Manager then drive to Cambridge, described as the loveliest city in England' and home of one of England's finest universities. We walk among the colleges; including magnificent King's College, then drive on to York. Exploring inside the ancient city walls, we see the maze of narrow medieval streets (including the quaintly-named Shambles') and the 13th century Minster, England's largest Cathedral. There's also time to browse in York's tempting shops before we continue to our hotel for dinner. (Luxury Sightseeing around London and Britain)

Products and Packaging

I've divided my presentation into three sections. First of all, I'm going to remind you of the background to this project and the current offer on the market. After that, I'll be talking about the prototype, the specifications and the data we've collected from the tests, focus groups and market studies. Finally, I'd like present a business plan; this will show why we expect a return of investment that is without precedent for our company. Is everybody happy with that agenda? (Allison, J. - Emerson, P.)

Maptech i3

Good afternoon everybody. Imagine you're on a fishing trip. It's the middle of the night. It's dark, it's foggy, you can't see a thing, and you're sailing your boat between small islands and dangerous rocks. Are you afraid? Not at all. You are supremely confident, checking and adjusting your route with just a touch of a finger on a screen. How do you do it? Well, I'm here today to tell you about the Maptech i3, an extraordinary, integrated nautical information system, where a touch controlled screen enables you to enjoy single finger operation of several different navigation functions. (Allison, J. - Emerson, P.)

The Medieval Town - The Castle

Coming from Mandraki harbour, we enter through the Gate of Freedom in Symi Square. The Gate was opened in 1924 by the Italians, who looked on themselves as liberators of the island from the Turks. Immediately opposite are the ruins of a Temple of Aphrodite, dating from the 3rd century B.C., one of the few ancient remains to be found in the old town. Behind the temple is the Inn of the Tongue of Auverogne, built in 1507. Note the outside staircase leading up the front of the building which is a purely Aegean architectural feature, owing nothing to Western influence. The Inn is used today as government offices. To the left. Arsenal Gate leads to the commercial port. (...) The building on the right houses the Ionian and Popular Bank on the ground floor and the Municipal Art Gallery upstairs. From here the street climbs slightly to Platia Argyrokastrou, a pretty spot with a fountain in its centre. (Rhodes today and yesterday)

2 Equivalence


Talking points

1. Characterize the terms: equivalence, translation equivalent

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