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Give examples of solving the (specific) problems above word level

5. Explain the expressions: complete equivalence, partial equivalence, non- equivalence

Tasks and exercises

1. Read and translate the following sentences, paying attention to the italicized words and their similar Slovak expressions (interlingual false friends), e. g. accord - akord, actual - aktuálny, eventually - eventuálne, dome - dуm ...

1. An accord signed by two sides in January brought a formal end to the war in Bougainville.

The project is completely in accord with government policy.

2. She asked me to leave. Well, her actual words were „Get lost, you Pig"

The exams are in July, but the actual results don't appear until September.

We had estimated about 300 visitors, but the actual number was much higher.

3. Don't worry, he'll do it eventually, but he might take a long time to get round to it.

Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a shock when she eventually died.

4. The dome of St. Paul's could be seen in the distance.

5. Sid was a large, genial, heavy-set man with soft flesh and parted gray hair. (J.Heller)

6. Hossiah Jackson walked slowly down from the pulpit as the last hymn ended. (T.Clansy)

We shall now sing a hymn to nature.

7. She claimed that the rise in unemployment was just a further manifestation of the government's incompetence.

Global warming has no visible manifestation.

8. They find it hard to live on their state pension until he's 65. At what age can you start drawing your pension?

9. Make sure you are given a receipt for everything.

10. He's a strong advocate of state ownership of the railways.

2. (a) Translate the English sentences paying special attention to the words in italics (b)Comment on the similar Slovak words.

1. (a) Roald Dahl was a successful writer of children fiction.

When he's telling you something, you never know what's fact and what's fiction.

(b) Britský autor Ian McEwan vyhrál s knihou Pokánie jednu z najvýznamnejšich cien za fikciu v Amerike.

2. (a) Most British schools organize social events for the students.

I've just become a member of the social club. Social democracy has won the election. (Social fund/housing)

(b) Rawberry miloval hru v kapele i sociálny život, ktorý k hraniu patri - teda cestovanie, posedenie v puboch, stretávanie nových Fudi.

3. (a) In the mountains we stayed in a cabin for two weeks.

A 27-years-old Russian seaman was found in his cabin with no sign of life. (K. Reichs)

(b) Zo svojej kabiny pozoruje okolie

4. (a) Paul Simon writes the lyrics for most of his songs.

(b) Losangelskй Staples, kde sa ceny odovzdávali, obliehali davy demonštrantov z kresќanských a ženských organizácii a zo skupiny homosexuálov, ktori odmietajъ násilnicku lyriku zamierenъ proti homosexuálom.

5. (a) The history department has five lecturers and one professor.

He is a lecturer in medieval studies at Oxford University

The gardening club only pays its lecturers their travelling


(b) Som lektorka, prednášam ženskъ literaturu 19. storočia.

3. Translate the italicized words and compare them with similar words in Slovak(apartment - apartmán).

1. A 44-year-old woman was beaten to death in her apartment. (K. Reichs).

They have six luxury apartments for sale.

Once he had despoiled the house of everything that wakened Jenny in the mind, I found a new apartment in a week. (E. Segal)

O týždeт, len čo odniesol z bytu veci, pri ktorých sa mi vynárali spomienky na Jenny, som si našiel iný byt. (I. Chorvátová)

2. The engineer is coming to repair our phone tomorrow morning Pissarro walked to the black engine with its funnel protruding into the roofed station, where the engineer, dressed in uniform similar to that of an admiral, was standing at the head of the train like a lord of navy. (I.Stone)

3. He is a minister at the local Baptist church.

The Foreign Office formally notified the United States Minister in London that one of their army surgeons had been arrested. (S. Winchester)

4. "How about soda?" Martin asked as they came out of the movie. (H. Robins)

"Got any Coke?" he asked in a thick voice. "Diet." "That's cool." 1 got two sodas and joined him at the table. (H. Robins)

5. The white settlers journeyed across America in wagons The locomotive was pulling a line of goods wagons. (Brit.)

6. It was a gallant attempt to save their lives.

Despite fierce competition she made a gallant effort to win the first medal of the championship.

That wasn't very gallant of you, Paul, pushing a young lady out of the way like that.

7. I go through his résumé and have no trouble qualifying him as an expert in oncology. (J. Grisham)

8. After a brief conference with his aides, he left for the airport. (I. Stone)

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