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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS. VII. Translate these sentences and define the part of speech of the words in bold type:

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VII. Translate these sentences and define the part of speech of the words in bold type:

1. The left atrium and ventricle connected by the mitral valve form the left chamber of the heart. 2. The operation made on the diseased joints restored the health of the patient. 3. The main inner organs included in the thoracic cavity are the heart and lungs. 4. The blood carried through the veins from the trunk, head and extremities to the right atrium is called venous.

VIII. Say what organ is spoken about:

a) This organ is the largest gland in the human body. It is in the upper part of the abdominal cavity under the diaphragm in the right side of the abdomen. Its upper surface is convex. This organ consists of small lobules connected together by connective tissue, different vessels and nerves.

b) This organ is pyriform (грушевидный) in shape. It is a dilated portion of the alimentary canal. It is in the upper part of the abdomen under the diaphragm. The liver is above this organ, and the colon is below it. The pancreas is behind this organ.

IX. Combine the adjectives with the proper nouns given below. Translate your word combinations:

inner, serous, salivary, hard, exact (точный), vital, connective, pale;

length, palate, coat, capacity, tissue, gland, layer, face

X. Make up sentences with the predicate in the Passive Voice. Translate them:

1. are, with, the oral cavity, connected, the salivary glands; 2. the oral cavity, are, the soft and hard palates, located in; 3. of, main, are, the arteries, composed, three, coats

XI. Translate the following sentences:

1. The peritoneum is a serous coat covering the inner surface of the abdominal wall. 2. The shape of the stomach changes when it dilates and its borders greatly extend. 3. The capillaries are connected with the endings of the arteries and veins. 4. The left atrium is smaller than the right one and its walls are thicker than those of the right one.

XII. Translate the sentences determining the meaning of the words in bold type from the context:

1. The great Russian scientist Pirogov published his Anatomical Atlas in 1851 -1854.2. Anatomy is the science which describes the structure of the human body. 3. The invention of the radio by Popov was a great scientific revolution. 4. The exact number of minutes in an hour is sixty.

ХШ. Using the words given on the right make up sentences corresponding to the Russian ones:

1. В Москве издается много медицинских журналов.

many, published, journals, Moscow, are, in, medical;

2. Анатомия описывает строение тела человека.

human, the, describes, structure, Anatomy, body, the, of;

3. Можете ли вы сказать мне точное время?

exact, tell, you, can, me, the, time;

4. В этой книге описаны великие открытия, сделанные советскими учеными.

made, in, book, this, are, great, Soviet, discoveries, described, by, scientists

XIV. Read Text F. Translate the third and fourth paragraphs; Find there: a) Infinitives and state their functions; b) the subordinate object clauses with the Sequence of Tenses; c) put questions to the first and second paragraphs; d) express the essence of every paragraph in one sentence:

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