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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS Revision. IX. Replace each part of the Complex Subject given in bold type by the corresponding word or word combination given below:

IX. Replace each part of the Complex Subject given in bold type by the corresponding word or word combination given below:

1 2

Thefemale patient was knownto complain of skin irritation.

1. the nurse; the physician; the surgeon; the male patient

2. to suffer from continuous bleeding; to perform an emergency surgery; to give blood and serum transfusion; to reveal digestion disturbances

X. Finish the sentences:

1. Acute cholecystitis is known... (a) to be characterized by pain radiating to the breastbone and lumbar area; 6) to be accompanied by profuse external bleeding) 2. Irregular diet as well as an emotional overstrain have been found ... (a) to result in the disturbances of peripheral blood circulation; 6) to contribute to the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers) 3. Clinical manifestations of gastric carcinoma prove... (a) to vary with the stage of its development, location and spread through the lymphatic nodes and other inner organs; 6) to be associated with the lesions of the central nervous system)

XI. 1. Translate the sentences. 2. Find the subject in the main clause and the word acting as a subject in the Absolute Participle Construction:

1. Digestion disturbances having been present for a long period of time, the patient was prescribed a strict diet not containing any fat. 2. The patient suffering from a continuous bleeding, severe anaemia developed. 3. There being no characteristic clinical manifestations of gastritis, the patient was allowed to vary his diet. 4. Tumour cells being spread with the blood flow, metastases may appear in various organs.

XII. Supply extended answer to the following questions:

1. Who of Soviet scientists proved the existence of association between a lesion of the central and peripheral nervous systems and the development of ulcer? 2. What do you know about the corticovisceral theory of ulcers? 3. Give the characteristic clinical manifestations of gastritis. 4. What factors contribute to the development of gastric cancer? 5. What is the development of acute appendicitis accompanied by? 6. What did the prominent Russian scientist S. Botkin prove? 7. What pathologic changes does hepatitis produce in the human body? 8. What three forms of cholecystitis are there? 9. What treatment is indicated in purulent and gangrenous forms of cholecystitis? 10. What diseases may be accompanied by jaundice?

XIII. Say what diseases are spoken about in the following statements:

1. This disease is treated surgically. The operation is performed not under general but under local anaesthesia. The operation must be performed immediately to prevent the development of peritonitis.

2. This disease is most commonly observed in nervous persons. Such factors as mental and emotional overstrain contribute considerably to its development. The incidence of this disease is higher in men than in women. This disease is characterized by a chronic cyclic course.

3. When the physician examines the patient with this disease he reveals severe tenderness in the right upper part of the abdomen and in the umbilical area. The physician also notes slight jaundice of sclerae. The patient complains of dryness in the mouth, vomiting, nausea and constipation.

XIV. 1. Read Text B. 2. Say what the doctor must pay particular attention to while examining a patient whose condition is suggestive of liver or bile duct disease:

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