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Ex. 13. Put special questions. Begin with the question-words in brackets

1. The first steel rails were made and laid in Derby in 1857. (When)

2. Tomorrow, the movement of trains on that section of the line will be stopped because of the track repair. (Why)

3. The number of passengers is usually increased in summertime. (When)

4. The first underground system was proposed by Charles Pearson in 1843. (Whom)

5. The old railway terminal will be upgraded next year. (When)

6. The Trans-Siberian Railway is divided into six railways in the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East. (How many)

7. The system of automatic ticket selling was developed in Japan. (Where)

8. This car will be coupled to train No 15 going to the Far East. (What train)

9. The old London Bridge over the Thames River was constructed by monks (монахи) in 1209. (Whom)

10. In Canada and the United States, long freight trains are hauled by three, four, or even five locomotives. (How many)


Ex. 14. Put the verbs into the required tense/voice form. Translate the sentences.

1. The switch (стрелочный перевод) (to be – Present Simple Active) the mechanism, which (to use – Present Simple Passive) to move the trains from one track to another.

2. When the Liverpool-Manchester Railway (to build – Past Simple Passive), the railway company (to offer – Past Simple Active) a prize of £500 for the best steam train. The prize (to win – Past Simple Passive) by G. Stephenson with his famous locomotive called the “Rocket”.

3. The distance between Boston and New York (to be – Present Simple Active) 230 miles; it (to take– Present Simple Active) the train 3 hours 15 minutes to cover it.

4. The two-speed escalators (to install – Future Simple Passive) at the new Metro stations.

5. The first railways (to appear – Past Simple Active) in England and (to use – Past Simple Passive) to carry coal.

6. Most railway stations in Great Britain (to date – Present Simple Active) from the Victorian era and (to locate – Present Simple Passive) on the edge of city centers.

7. Track (to strengthen – Future Simple Passive) on this section of the railway because it (to plan – Present Simple Passive) to increase the volume of freight traffic here.

8. The railway line between two large Japanese cities Yamagata and Akita (to open – Past Simple Passive) for traffic in March 1997. It (to become – Past Simple Active) so popular that passenger services between these cities (to increase – Past Simple Active) by more than 50 percent.

9. Modern steam locomotives (to operate –Present Simple Passive) only in countries where coal (to be –Present Simple Active) much cheaper than oil such as in China.

10. Tomas Bouch (to design and to construct – Past Simple Active) the railway bridge on the Tay River in 1878. This bridge (to speak – Past Simple Passive) about as one of the wonders of the world.


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