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Dialogues. Ann: How do you like the soup?

At Dinner

Ann: How do you like the soup?

John: Awfully nice really. Don't you think so?

Ann: Yes, it is indeed. Pass me the salt, please.

John: Here you are. Some more bread?

Ann: Yes, please.

John: What comes next, Ann?

Ann: Pork chops with roast potatoes.

John: And what follows that?

Ann: Wouldn't you like to make a guess?

John: Stewed apricots as usual, I suppose.

Ann: There you are wrong, John. It's apple pudding with whipped cream.

John: Apple pudding and with whipped cream! My, isn't it fine!

Ann: I am happy that I've suited your taste.



A: The table is laid. Come along and let's start. It's high time to have dinner.

B: I'm ready. I feel quite hungry. I could eat a horse.

A: So am I. I haven't got a horse for you but your favourite dishes will be served today.

B: What are they? I've got so many.

A: For the first course we'll have chicken soup and cutlets with mashed potatoes for the main.

B: And for the dessert?

A: I've made cherry pie and stewed fruits.

B: Oh, that's wonderful. Let's sit at the table as soon as possible.



Jim: Shall I help you dish up, Maggie?

Maggie: Well, I'm afraid lunch isn't ready yet. You see the meat hasn't cooked properly. It's been stewing for two hours but it's still not quite tender. Perhaps another 10 minutes...?

Jim: Of course, of course. We are not in a hurry. We'll have a drop of sherry

while we are waiting. Oh! It doesn't seem to be here. Maggie! What have you done with it. I keep it in the sideboard.

Maggie: I've been using it for cooking. It's all gone.

Jim: But that happened to be a very good sherry. I've been keeping it for special

occasions. By the way, there is a rather funny smell coming from the kitchen.

Maggie: Good heavens! While I've been chatting with you the meat must have burnt.

Oh! it's burnt to a cinder. I really don't know what to do. Perhaps I might make an omelet.

Jim: I've a much better idea. I'll come into the kitchen and make omelet. I love cooking. And I'll trust you to break the eggs, Maggie.

At the Restaurant

Waiter:Good morning!

Mr. Smith:Good morning!

Waiter:What would you like to have?

Mr. Smith:Breakfast for three, please. Will you bring us one soft-boiled egg, two cheese omelettes, toast, butter, marmalade and strong tea, please?

Waiter: How many cups of tea?

Mr. Smith:Three, please.

Waiter:Here is your breakfast. Good appetite!

Mr. Smith:How much is our bill?

Waiter:Your bill is $12.87.

Mr. Smith: Here you are. (Puts the money on the table) No change, please.

Waiter: Thank you, sir. Come to our restaurant again.



Waiter: Good morning, madam! May I take your order?

Lady:I'd like something light. What can you recommend?

Waiter: Ican recommend you porridge, semolina, soft-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, juice and tea.

Lady:All right. Will you bring me porridge, cottage cheese and middling tea, please?

Waiter:Very good, madam.

Waiter (serves the lady): Here you are. Good appetite.

Lady:How much do I pay?


Lady:Here you are. Thank you.

Waiter:Thank you. You are always welcome.



A: Shall we have our dinner in this restaurant? They serve very good meals here and the prices are reasonable.

B: Well, you lead. You should know better. (In the restaurant)

A: What shall we have? A three-course dinner, I suppose. I'm awfully hungry.

B: So am I. And I'm thirsty too.

A: Then let's have a glass of mineral water first or some orange juice.

B: I'd prefer orange juice with ice or iced tea.

A: Waiter! Iced orange juice and a glass of mineral water, please. Now let’s see the menu and here is the wine list too. How about some hard drinks?

B: I wouldn't mind having a brandy.

A: So it's one brandy. And whisky and soda for me. Would you like any starters?

B: A salad would do, I think.

A: And I’ll have shrimps. Would you like any soup? As for me I'll have mushroom soup and smoked salmon for the main course.

B: I like your choice. I'd rather have the same.



7. Lunch for Two

(Jane and Robert are out shopping. It's almost 2 o 'clock— high time to have lunch)

Jane: It's nearly two o'clock and we haven't eaten anything since breakfast. Let's go and have lunch somewhere before we do any more shopping.: There is no need for us to starve.

Robert: That's exactly how I feel. There is a small Italian place on the other side of the road. Shall we try that?

Jane: Yes, let's. (They enter the restaurant) Oh! it smells good in here. It'll be lovely to sit down after our marathon this morning.

Robert: There is a table for two in the corner. Sit down, Jane. Have a look at, the menu and tell me whether there is anything worth ordering.

Jane: There seem to be six different sauces to have with the spaghetti but they're all in Italian and I don't recognize any of them. Oh, here you are, there's a translation as well. You can have spaghetti with mushrooms and chicken, with minced beef, or with lobster sauce. Mmm, I'm going to try that.

Robert: Lobster sauce? That sounds horrible. It's a constant surprise to me what strange things people eat.

Jane: You’ll stick to fish and chips, I suppose, and apple pie and custard?

Robert: No. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and baked potatoes.

Jane: It’s incredible to think that after all the effort I’ve made you’re still so conservative about your food.


Useful phrases to remember!

At the restaurant you can address the waiter/waitress with the following words:

• What is ... ? What is it like? Is it fish or meat? How is it cooked? Is it very hot/spicy? Can I have it without spices? What do you recommend? I'll try some/it. I'd like to try ... , please.

• For breakfast/lunch/dessert etc. I'll take/have/I prefer to have ... Will you bring us/me ..., please?

• How much is our bill? Can I have the bill? I'd like to pay my bill right now. How much do I owe you?

And the waiter/waitress addresses you with the words:

• What can I do for you? Can/may I take your order? Have you decided? Have you chosen something? What would you like for breakfast/dessert/an appetizer?

Are you ready to order? What would you like to have? And to follow?



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