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Vulgar Fractions

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Vulgar fractionsDecimal fractions

⅛ an (one) eighth 0.125 (nought) point one two e

¼ a (one) quarter 0.25 (nought) point two five 4

⅓ a (one) third 0.33 (nought) point three three

½ a (one) half 0.75 (nought) point seven five

¾ three quarters


Nought is used in mathematical calculations; oh in telephone numbers, ets.

Useful Phrases with Numerals

1. What shoe size are you? — I take a size 38 in shoes.

2. She is a size 12 in clothes.

3. The flat is roughly 360 square feet in size.

4. My bedroom is three metres by four.

5. She is two years older than me.

6. We were half an hour late.

7. Your flat is twice as big as ours.

8. She is a three-month-old baby.

He is a twenty-year-old youth.

Nick is a child of six.

9. He is doing seventy kilometres an hour.

10. He is leaving by the six thirty-five train.

11. I've told you about it a thousand times (thousands of times).

12. It's a two-minute walk from my house or

It's (a) two minutes' walk from my house.

13. He'll be back in half an hour.

14. An hour and a half is enough for the test.

15. He graduated from the University in the year of 2005.

16. Today is 25° above zero in the shade.

17. They were in their (early/mid/late) teens when I first met them.

18. She was a beautiful woman in her (early/mid/late) thirties.


Ex. 1. Write down the following numbers in words:

1st, 2, 2nd, 3, 3rd, 4, 40, 4th, 40th, 5, 5th, 8, 8th, 9, 9th, 12th, 20, 20th, 100, 1,000.

Ex. 2. Read and reproduce the stories.


A schoolboy was asked how many wars Spain had had in the fifteenth century.

"Six," replied the boy promptly.

"Enumerate them," said the teacher.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,” said the boy.


Counting Pigs

One day a farmer, who had twenty pigs, sent his servant to count them and see if they were all there. The servant came back slowly.

"Well," said his master, "are they all right?"

"Ah! I counted nineteen, but one little fellow ran about so fast I wasn't able to count him at all".

Ex. 3. Do the sums.


Model A:2 +5 = 7 Two plus (and) five is seven.

Model B: 7 – 3 = 4 Seven minus (take away) three is four.

Model C: 3 x 2 = 6 Three multiplied by (times) two is six.

Model D:9 : 3 = 3 Nine divided by three is three.


3+4= 12+13= 19-4= 195-70=

5+6= 14+15= 18-5= 280-52=

7+2= 16+17= 17-6= 467-13=

8+9= 18+19= 16-8= 748-23=


2x9= 9x3= 54:6= 72:8=

3x8= 8x4= 18:2= 45:9=

4x7= 7x5= 21:7= 90:6=

5x6= 6x6= 15:3= 24:3=


¼+¼= ⅛+¾= ⅜+⅛=


Ex. 4. Say that you have, want or offer something.

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