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Предлоги с разными видами транспорта

by bike/motorbike/ car/van/lorry/train/plane/ air/bus/tram/ship on his/that, etc. bike/motorbike in my/this, etc/ car/van/lorry on the train/plane/bus/tram/ship
  boat on the boat (if a large boat) in the boat (if a small boat)
on foot
get in (to) /get out of a car or taxi
get on/get off a bicycle, bus or train


Prepositions after Verbs. Предлоги после глаголов

at arrive laugh look shout joke stare call smile guess aim about agree dream hear know forget worry see talk tell care think about/ of in arrive succeed believe include improve pay (in cash) persist discourage specialize fail result cover in/with to apply belong listen refer speak go exp- lain appeal climb object apologize hap-pen for apologize leave wait admire forgive punish work blame excuse call look from differ resign suffer recover come part hide hear escape absent borrow trans-late from …in-to   on talk insist rely congra-tulate bet decide spend count depend base spy of approve dream accuse remind smell consist taste dispose die of/ from take care

Prepositions after Nouns. Предлоги после существительных

of delay description hope idea lack advantage cause to damage reply regards thanks solution key invitation answear in decrease delay expert failure increase search fall rise for excuse reason reputation respect responsibi- lity report demand need on advice attack blame book expert text with relation- ship trouble connection contract agreement harmony

Prepositions after Adjectives.

Предлоги после прилагательных

similar to cruel to dear to harmful to nice to equal to faithful to rude to sympathetic to/towards sensitive to allergic to grateful to amazed at/by good at clever at bad at suspicious at/by shocked at/by terrible at brilliant at dependent on interested in sure in rich in dressed in slow in/ about weak in/at fortunate in busy with angry with delighted with friendly with fed up with acquainted with satisfied with annoyed with absent from sorry for smb/about smth famous for eager for respected for popular with content with different from anxious about crazy about excited about upset about/over serious about /with careless about curious about wrong about capable of certain of frightened of envious of fond of afraid of worthy of tired of short of aware of unaware of shy of sick of ashamed of



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