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Ex. 11. Translate the sentenceб paying attention to the Complex Object


Model: Weexpectmore than 150 famous scientists to participate in the conference. – Мы ожидаем, что более 150 известных учёных примут участие в конференции.


1. We know Rio de Janeiro to have become the second Brazilian city constructing the Metro.

2. Most specialists consider all the trains of the future to be operated by automatic drivers.

3. A lot of people saw the accident take place at the level crossing.

4. Engineers expect automatic engine drivers to be followed by more advanced automatic control systems.

5. The road master ordered the track to be repaired as soon as possible.

6. The chief engineer supposes repairs of the damaged braking system to take several days.

7. People believed James Watt to be the inventor of the first steam engine because the work of Polzunov remained unknown for more than a century.

8. High-speed traffic requires the permanent way (верхнее строение пути) to be excellently maintained.

9. A taxi driver refused to take a check; he wanted the passenger to pay in cash.

10. The railway administration expects the number of passenger to be reduced because of a considerable increase in train fares.

11. In Britain, students and pensioners can buy railcards. These cards allow them to buy train tickets at a reduced price for a period of one year.

12. Modern machinery enables a small group of workers to maintain a long section of railroad track.

13. Russia’s railways minister has said he wants the entire 957km rail network on the island of Sakhalin to be rebuilt and converted from 1067mm gauge track to 1520mm gauge to bring it into line with the rest of the Russian rail network on the mainland.


Ex. 12. Make up sentences, using the Complex Object.


Model: to have worked, him, for 20 years, know, I, as an engine-driver. →

I know him to have worked as an engine-driver for 20 years.


1. the number of workers, us, to minimize, the use of the new equipment, enabled.

2. to put off, him, we, the discussion of this project, didn’t expect.

3. their discovery, great changes, to produce, the engineers, in the field of electronics, consider.

4. watch, from the station, the new train, many people, start.

5. his luggage to the compartment, wanted, the passenger, a porter, to carry.

6. the train, the use of the air brake, rather quickly, to stop, causes.

7. wants, the amount of freight, the government, to increase, carried by rail.

8. you, to be late, the meeting, wouldn't like, for, I.

9. them, know, two days ago, do, to go abroad, you?

10. seen, the accident, you, have, on the bridge, happen?

11. to be, they, the test run, successful, the new locomotive, expect, of.

12. to meet, me, the representative of your company, I, at the station, thought.



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