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The first of June nineteen hundred

A) первое июня 1900;

В) первое июля 1900;

С) первое июня 9010;

D) первое июня 19100;

Е) первое июня 1990.

Вопрос 28

His birthday on ... of October.

A) the four;

B) four;

C) the fourth;

D) fourth;

E) the fours.

Вопрос 29

He moved there some years ago, in 1950.

A) ninety fifty;

B) nineteen fifty;

C) ninety fifteen;

D) nineteen fifteen;

E) ninty fifty.

Вопрос 30

This famous poet was born on ... of October.

A) the twenty three;

B) twenty threeth;

C) the twenty third;

D) twentieth third;

E) twenty third .

Вопрос 31

Are you a student?-Yes, ... .

A) I’m;

B) I do;

C) I have;

D) I’m not;

E) he is.

Вопрос 32

Does he spend his holidays by the sea?

A) Yes, I do;

B) No, he does;

C) Yes, he does;

D) Yes, I am;

E) No, I am not.

Вопрос 33

Have the workers done their work?-Yes, ... .

A) I have;

B) they have not;

C) they do;

D) they have;

E) they are.

Вопрос 34

She is very pretty, ... ?

A) is she;

B) does she;

C) isn’t she;

D) doesn’t she;

E) has she.

Вопрос 35

He is rich and famous.-... .

A) So do I;

B) So am I;

C) So I am;

D) Neither do I;

E) Neither I am.

Вопрос 36

Ann knew it, ... ?

A) didn’t she;

B) does she;

C) doesn’t she;

D) did she;

E) is she.

Вопрос 37

There is no bread at home, ... ?

A) is there;

B) isn’t there;

C) there is;

D) are there;

E) is here.

Вопрос 38

There are many students at the meeting, ... ?

A) isn’t it;

B) aren’t there;

C) are there;

D) is there;

E) are they.

Вопрос 39

You can’t swim, ... ?

A) can she;

B) can’t you;

C) can you;

D) may I;

E) can.

Вопрос 40

Where ... my glasses? – I have just lost ... .

A) is / it ;

B) are / it;

C) is / them;

D) are / them;

E) was / it.

Вопрос 41

Your advice ... very useful. I usually use your ... when I am in trouble.

A) is / advice;

B) is / advices;

C) are / advice;

D) are / advices;

E) were / advices.

Вопрос 42

They say money ... the soul of business.

A) is;

B) are;

C) were;

D) to be;

E) have.

Вопрос 43

Too ... knowledge ... the head bold.

A) much / make;

B) many / makes;

C) much / makes;

D) many/ make;

E) little / make.

Вопрос 44

The book contains ... information. It’s very useful.

A) much;

B) many;

C) little;

D) few;

E) a few.

Вопрос 45

He has ... friends in this town and he feels lonely.

A) much;

B) many;

C) little;

D) few;

E) a little.

Вопрос 46

His clothes ... usually very cheap, but he is actually well-off.

A) are;

B) is;

C) was;

D) were;

E) to be.

Вопрос 47

Character my father is a quiet man.

A) On;

B) By;

C) For;

D) The;

E) At.

Вопрос 48

I’ve got good relations ... my mum.

A) to;

B) by;

C) with;

D) at;

E) from.

Вопрос 49

She is always interested ... what I do.

A) at;

B) in;

C) by;

D) on;

E) of.

Вопрос 50

My younger sister is very popular ... her friends at parties.

A) at;

B) by;

C) with;

D) from;

E) of.

Вопрос 51

He is keen ... ancient languages.

A) in;

B) on;

C) at;

D) with;

E) by.

Вопрос 52

My mother’s sister is my ... .

A) niece;

B) aunt;

C) sister;

D) sister-in-law;

E) nephew.

Вопрос 53

Parents of my father are my ... .

A) grandparents;

B) relatives;

C) distant relatives;

D) parents-in-law;

E) stepparents.

Вопрос 54

My sister’s husband is my ... .

A) son-in-law;

B) brother-in-law;

C) relatives;

D) father-in-law;

E) stepbrother.

Вопрос 55

Son of my brother is my ... .

A) cousin;

B) brother-in-law;

C) niece;

D) nephew;

E) brother.

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