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Вопрос 133

He was …. in the family.

A) the eldest;

B) eldest;

C) older;

D) the oldest;

E) old.

Вопрос 134

It is … to swim in the sea than in the river.

A) easy;

B) more easier;

C) easier;

D) most easier;

E) easiest.

Вопрос 135

This is … room in the flat.

A) small;

B) smaller;

C) the smallest;

D) smallest;

E) the most smallest.

Вопрос 136

We should eat … food.

A) healthier;

B) healthiest;

C) the most healthy;

D) more healthier;

E) healthy.

Вопрос 137

Today the streets are not … … … they used to be.

A) as clean as;

B) so clean as;

C) as cleaner than;

D) so cleaner than;

E) such clean as.

Вопрос 138

Mary is a … student than Lucy.

A) good;

B) worst;

C) the better;

D) better;

E) the best.

Вопрос 139

Which is …. place in this part of the country?

A) beautiful;

B) the most beautiful;

C) more beautiful;

D) beautifuler;

E) beautifulest.

Вопрос 140

Today the weather is …. than it was yesterday.

A) most cold;

B) more cold;

C) coldest;

D) cold;

E) colder.

Вопрос 141

This book is … of all I have read this year.

A) interesting;

B) more interesting;

C) the most interesting;

D) most interesting;

E) interestinger.

Вопрос 142

She is not … fond of sports … my brother is.

A) as\so;

B) so\as;

C) such\as;

D) so\so;

E) as\as.

Вопрос 143

Her eyes are … than mine.

A) greyer;

B) greyest;

C) more grey;

D) the most grey;

E) greier.

Вопрос 144

He was…. man in the village.

A) fat;

B) fattest;

C) fater;

D) fatest;

E) the fattest.

Вопрос 145

As he went on, the box became …and … .

A) heavy \ heavy;

B) heavyier \ heavyier;

C) heavier \ heavier;

D) heavier \ heavy;

E) heavy \ heavyier.

Вопрос 146

Who is … student in your group?

A) attentive;

B) more attentive;

C) most attentive;

D) the most attentive;

E) the more attentive.

Вопрос 147

It is autumn. Every day the air becomes …., the leaves … .

A) cold \ yellow;

B) colder \ yellower;

C) the colder \ yellower;

D) colder \ the yellower;

E) coldest \ yellowest.

Вопрос 148

This is the … view I have ever seen in my life.

A) beautiful;

B) more beautiful;

C) most beautiful;

D) as beautiful as;

E) beautiful as.
Вопрос 149

Your handwriting is now … than it was last year.

A) better;

B) the best;

C) good;

D) gooder;

E) goodest.

Вопрос 150

Your handwriting is not … … … Nick’s handwriting.

A) better;

B) good;

C) the best;

D) as good as;

E) so good as.

Вопрос 151

And, of course, Nellie has the … handwriting of all.

A) better;

B) the best;

C) as good as;

D) so good as;

E) good.

Вопрос 152

Oil is … than water.

A) light;

B) the lightest;

C) lighter;

D) lightest;

E) more light.

Вопрос 153

I’m … … my little sister.

A) busier than;

B) busyer than;

C) more busier;

D) the more busier;

E) most busier.

Вопрос 154

London is … New York.

A) most old than;

B) more old than;

C) older than;

D) old than;

E) as old as.

Вопрос 155

I’ve got a headache. Be … , please.

A) quiet;

B) quieter;

C) quietest;

D) quietter;

E) quiettest.

Вопрос 156

Yesterday he started to feel … .

A) more mad;

B) most bad;

C) badder;

D) worse;

E) worst.

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