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Вопрос 56. The mother of my husband is my

The mother of my husband is my ... .

A) mother;

B) mother-in-law;

C) grandmother;

D) sister;

E) stepmother.

Вопрос 57

Children of aunt are my ... .

A) sisters;

B) brothers;

C) cousins;

D) nephews;

E) nieces.

Вопрос 58

My children are my parents’ ... .

A) children-in-law;

B) grandsons;

C) granddaughters;

D) grandchildren;

E) grandnephews.

Вопрос 59

Our large family consists ... 8 people.

A) at;

B) on;

C) of;

D) with;

E) by.

Вопрос 60

We ... fond ... reading fairy-tales when we were children.

A) are / at;

B) are / of;

C) were / with;

D) was / by;

E) were / of.

Вопрос 61

Appearance he is an impressive figure.

A) At;

B) By;

C) In;

D) On;

E) To.

Вопрос 62

We ... friends with Oleg in childhood.

A) did;

B) took;

C) made;

D) called;

E) began.

Вопрос 63

He is going ... for sports.

A) at;

B) on;

C) in;

D) with;

E) by.

Вопрос 64

Nursery school , kindergarten , ... , institute.

A) university;

B) college;

C) secondary school;

D) work;

E) pension.

Вопрос 65

I’m quite ... and easy to deal with.So I have a lot of friends with whom we spend much time together.

A) kind;

B) industrial;

C) sociable;

D) energetic;

E) calm.

Вопрос 66

He usually gets up ... half past seven.

A) in;

B) at;

C) on;

D) a;

E) into.

Вопрос 67

My working day ... 6 hours.

A) begins;

B) starts;

C) lasts;

D) finishes;

E) continues.

Вопрос 68

He tries to do ... morning exercises every morning.

A) his;

B) her;

C) hers;

D) our;

E) my.

Вопрос 69

Shame on you. Why you don’t ... classes.

A) miss;

B) go;

C) attend;

D) visit;

E) show.

Вопрос 70

All our students have dinner in their University’s ... .

A) library;

B) cloakroom;

C) canteen;

D) Dean’s Room;

E) labs.

Вопрос 71

Students often read up for lessons in the ... .

A) library;

B) cloakroom;

C) Dean’s Room;

D) canteen;

E) labs.

Вопрос 72

On week-ends we like to go ... a walk with our friends.

A) at;

B) on;

C) for;

D) with;

E) to.

Вопрос 73

As ... rule we have little free time on my week-days.

A) the;

B) an;

C) a;

D) - ;

E) to.

Вопрос 74

Sometimes I have scrambled eggs ... breakfast.

A) on;

B) for;

C) at;

D) - ;

E) by.

Вопрос 75

After ... I put on my coat, take my bag, and go to the University.

A) breakfast;

B) lunch;

C) dinner;

D) supper;

E) 5 o’clock tea.

Вопрос 76

In the morning if I have enough time I take ... .

A) a pen;

B) a breakfast;

C) a taxi;

D) a lessons;

E) a shower.

Вопрос 77

As a rule before I go to ... I read books.

A) home;

B) bed;

C) Institute;

D) away;

E) friends.

Вопрос 78

Weekend I get up later than usual.

A) At;

B) On;

C) Of;

D) The;

E) By.

Вопрос 79

It ... me half an hour to go to the University on foot.

A) does;

B) makes;

C) takes;

D) keeps;

E) asks.

Вопрос 80

Then I go to the ... where I clean my teeth, wash myself and brush my hair.

A) my room;

B) bathroom;

C) sitting room;

D) dining room;

E) kitchen.

Вопрос 81

I don’t want ... for the first lesson so I come a few minutes before the bell.

A) to be ill;

B) to be fond;

C) to be late;

D) to be interested;

E) to be proud.

Вопрос 82

After classes I go ... and have dinner there.

A) at home;

B) to home;

C) home;

D) to the house;

E) in the home.

Вопрос 83

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