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Дополните предложения глаголами из списка, употребив их в Past Indefinite в утвердительной, отрицательной или вопросительной форме.


Be clean start finish want do

We weren't happy with the hotel. Our room ...very small and it ... very clean.

I ...my teeth three times yesterday.

The concert ....at 7.30 and ...at 10 o'clock.

When I was a child, I ...to be a teacher.

'I cut my hand this morning.' 'How ...you ...that?'

Дополните предложения глаголами из списка, употребив их в Future Indefinite в утвердительной, отрицательной или вопросительной форме.


Sleep be win open stay

Don't drink coffee before you go to bed. You ....

`Are you ready yet?' `Not yet. I ...ready in five minutes.'

I think we ...the game.

`It's very warm in the room.' `...I ...the window?'

...you ...at home tomorrow evening?

8. Употребите местоимения some/ any, no там, где необходимо.

Would you like ... tea? -- Yes, please.

When we were on holiday, we visited ... very interesting places.

I'm afraid there is ...coffee. Would you like ...tea?

I went out to buy ... milk but they didn't have ... in the shop.

I can do this job alone. I don't need .........help .

9. Употребите местоимения something/somebody/anything/anybody/ nothing/nobody там, где это необходимо.

She said ... to me but I didn't understand it.

....... has broken the window. I don't know whom.

There is ... in the bag. It's empty.

I'm looking for my keys. Has .... seen them?

Would you like ... to drink?

10. Перепишите и письменно переведите текст на русский язык. Сделайте лексико-грамматический анализ текста: 1) Выпишите из текста существительные, употребленные с неопределенным артиклем, переведите их. 2) Выпишите предложения с глаголом `to be' в роли сказуемого во временах группы Indefinite. 3) Подчеркните предложения, где используются местоимения some, any, no и их производные.


Somebody special

My grandfather's name is Salvador. He was a farmer but he has retired. He's eighty-six, and he's the oldest of my relatives. Last year my grandmother died, so he came to live with us.

He's very tall and quite fat and he's got grey hair and a beard. He's got blue eyes, and he wears glasses. He usually wears a jacket and trousers, and at weekends when he goes out he always wears a tie.

I think he's wonderful. He's very strong and he's never ill. He's really active, and although he's retired he works hard in our garden and in his fields. He's young at heart and friendly to everyone. People who meet him always love him.

He loves walking in the country and reading. He spends most of his time reading novels and newspapers, and now he's studying French too. When he was young he learnt French in prison during the Civil War and now he wants to remember it again.

When I'm old, I'd like to be like my grandfather. He's a very special person.


Вариант 2

1. Вставьте артикль a/an или the там, где необходимо.

`Is there ... bank near here?' `Yes, at ...end of ...street.'

... sky is very clear tonight. I can see all ...stars.

`Where are ... children?' `They're in ...garden.'

After ... dinner we watched ... television.

Julia is ...doctor. Her husband is ...art teacher.

2. Употребите верно личные местоимения в косвенном падеже (me/us/him/her/ them/it).

I don't know Sarah's parents. Do you know ...?

Where is Ann? I want to talk to ....

I want that book. Please, give it to ....

We're going to the conference. Are you going with ...?

Steve is gloomy today. What is the matter with ...?

3. Употребите верно притяжательные местоимения (my/ our/ your/ his/ her/ their/ its).

`Is that ...car?' `No, I haven't got a car.'

I'm going to wash ...hair before I go to the concert.

`What are the children doing?' `They are doing ...homework.'

It's very cold today. Put on ...coat when you go out.

Oxford is famous for ...University.

4. Употребите глагол have got /has got в нужной форме (утверждение, отрицание, вопрос).

Julia wants to go to the concert, but she ...a ticket.

He can't open the door. He ...a key.

Most cars ...six wheels.

...you ...a passport?

What kind of car...Julia ...?

5. Дополните предложения глаголами из списка, употребив их в форме Present Indefinite.

Boil cost see know mean go like wash use believe

Water ...at 100 degrees Celsius.

Shoes are expensive. They ...a lot of money.

Brian lives near us but we ...him very often.

I ...much about politics. I'm not interested in it.

What ...this word ...?

How often ...you ...to the library?

The children usually ...chocolate.

Peter ...his hair twice a week.

My car ...much petrol.

It is not true! I ...it.

Дополните предложения глаголами из списка, употребив их в форме Past Indefinite. Обратите внимание на форму глагола.


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