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Put in the correct forms. Tell the story to the class.


Postmen have stopped (deliver)1 delivering letters to the new houses in our area. They object to the letterboxes on the front doors. They hate (push)2 ______ letters through them, because the letterboxes snap shut. If you try (push)3 ______ a letter through, you can’t get your fingers out! You try (push)4 _____ a letter into one of these boxes and see what happens! You quickly regret (have)5 _____ tried! They have been designed to stop burglars (open)6 _____ your front door from the outside, but postmen dread (use)7 _____ them as well. The painful condition known as Letterbox Finger is just as bad as Housemaid’s Knee or Tennis Elbow!



When we were at school as children we were (make/wear)1 made to wear indoor shoes inside the school building. The teachers would never (let us/wear)2 ____ our outdoor shoes at all and they (make us/change)3 _____ in the changing rooms from the moment we entered the building. I’d never known teachers (be)4 ____ more strict about any other school rule. The trouble was that my indoor shoes really (make me/suffer)5_____ because they were so tight. (“Let/expand)6 _____ our shoes!” a fellow sufferer suggested. He had a brilliant idea. We put plastic bags inside our shoes and poured water into bags. We sealed the bags carefully and put our shoes into the freezer. Of course the ice(make the shoes/expand)7 _____ and they were a pleasure to wear. This clever idea (help me/get)8 ______ through my schooldays with less discomfort and I have never forgotten it!



In a split second, when no one was paying attention, the two prisoners escaped from the back of the police van. They were handcuffed to each other. It was minutes before a policeman saw them (run) 1 running down the street. ‘We’ll follow,’ two policemen said. ‘Have the driver (bring) 2 _____the van to the end of the road. Tell him (not let) 3 _____them get away. If we’re not careful, we’ll have the whole neighbourhood (complain) 4 _____ that we’ve been careless.’ The prisoners were still running side by side. The policemen saw them (race) 5_____ up the hill and (disappear) 6 _____round a corner. “We’ll never catch them now!’ one of them said. ‘I told you (not leave) 7 _____ them unattended.’ The prisoners were running at top speed. Suddenly, they saw a lamp post in front of them “Go left! Go right’ they each shouted at the same time. They ran on either side of the lamp post. It just took time for the police (find) 8 _____ them, lying on the pavement, unhurt, dazed, and with silly grins on their faces.



When I was a young man, working in Malaya, my boss gave me a difficult job to do. The roof of his house had become infested with rats and he (want/I get rid of) 1 wanted me to get rid of them for him. I tried everything: rat poison, cats, even a mongoose, but I (fail/move) 2 _____ them. Then a friend of mine (advise/I use) 3_____ a python. I (consider this/be) 4 _____ my last chance and (agree/try) 5 _____ it. My friend brought me a box in which he had trapped a young python, about six feet long. We (manage/get) 6 ____ the box into the roof and then released the python. The effect was amazing! The rats disappeared in no time! It (prove/be) 7 ____ a wonderful solution. But then we didn’t know (what/do) 8 _____ with the python. I couldn’t (bear/shoot) 9 ____ this superb creature. It (take/six of us an hour/get)10 ____ it into the box and then we returned it to the jungle.




Mrs. Johns, a 75-year-old widow, woke up with a start. Peering into the darkness, she was astonished (see)1 to see a man in her room. It was easy (see)2 ___ he was a burglar. At first, she was too afraid (move)3 ____ . then she plucked up her courage and said, ”We must talk about this over a cup of tea. Would you be so kind (help)4 ____ me downstairs?” To her surprise, the man meekly obeyed. He was eager (help)5 ____ and anxious (please)6 _____ the old lady. He prepared the tea and said he was sorry (have disturbed)7 ____ her. He was too frightened (run away)8 _____. After a cup of tea, he said he would be glad (give)9 ____ Mrs. Johns his name and address and left empty-handed. Of course, Mrs. Johns informed the police, who commended her for her bravery. Later, during the trial, the judge said it was his duty (send)10 _____ the man to prison, describing him as the most incompetent burglar he had ever met!



The art of (cook)1 cooking requires the use of garlic. Of course, the (eat)2 ____ of garlic is not generally approved of. (work)3 ____ beside someone who has eaten garlic is as bad as (sit)4 ____ beside someone who smokes. But while (smoke)5 ____ is definitely bad for you, there is no doubt that (eat)6 ____ garlic is good for the health. We are likely to see more “No (smoke)7”_____ signs, but we won’t see any “No (breathe)8” ____ signs for garlic eaters! (Cultivate)9 _____ and (export)10 _____ garlic has become big business now that so many people use it for (flavour)11 _____ meat and (add) 12 ____ to different dishes. People often buy it when they do the (shop)13 ____. You don’t have to deny (use)14 ____ it or (have/eat)15 ____ it. (Be)16 ____ a garlic eater is something to be proud of and shows you enjoy good (live)17 ____ . The story of garlic is a breathtaking success!



Gillian Forbes is only 17 and she has just got her pilot’s licence. She is the country’s youngest girl pilot. “How do you feel, Gillian?” I asked her after her test. “Wonderful!” Gillian cried. “I enjoy (fly)1 flying more than anything in the world. I can’t imagine (let)2 ____ a week pass without spending some of my time in the air.” “What started (you/fly)3 ____?” I asked. “I just love (travel)4 ____ in planes. I started (learn)5 ____ to fly when I was very young.” “Would you consider (fly)6 ____ as a career?” “I might, but I’ve got to pass my school exams now. There are some things you can’t avoid (do)7 ____ !” “Excuse (me?/my?/ask)8 ____.” I said, “but does everyone in your family approve of (you?/your?/fly)9 _____?” “Of course!” Gillian exclaimed. “I can’t imagine (anyone?/anyone’s?/disapprove)10 _____. Can you?” “Of course not!” I said. “What’s your greatest ambition now?” “I want to learn to drive a car!” Gillian said with a big smile.



It’s hard (appreciate)1 to appreciate some of the problems of (play)2 ____ in an orchestra, especially if you are not a musician. While the orchestra is busy (play)3 ____, all kinds of things are going on. Recently, my friend John, a horn player, told me about his experiences (play)4 ____ with the Philharmonic. One day, without even (whisper)5 ____ a word, he got up in the middle of performance of ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and moved to another seat. After the performance, the drummer, who played behind him, insisted on (find)6 ____ out why John had moved. John said that he didn’t object to (sit)7 ____ in front of the drummer: he was used to (sit)8 ____ in this position, but often, after loud burst on the drums, he couldn’t prevent his teeth from (rattle)9 ___ and couldn’t play the horn!


7. Translate into English using the verbals. Name the verbal used or the type of the Construction and state their function.

Ленивый Гонза

Когда Гонза родился, ведьма предсказала, что он, когда вырастет, убъет дракона, спасет принцессу и женится на ней. Этому трудно было поверить, потому что Гонзу знали, как самого ленивого парня в королевстве. Да и самому Гонзе совсем не хотелось сражаться с драконами. Так как его мать была добрая старушка, он проводил свои дни, лежа на кровати и ничего не делая.

Но в один прекрасный день в их дом пришел генерал, разбудил спавшего Гонзу и сказал ему, что дракон, проживающий неподалеку от королевства, потребовал себе на день рождения принцессу с вареным картофелем и салатом из свежих огурцов. А свежих огурцов было не найти во всем королевстве.

Гонзе предложили немедленно пойти и убить дракона.Но так как погода была дождливая, он решил никуда не ходить.

После генерала пришла привратница, посланная королем привести Гонзу во дворец, но она заговорилась с матушкой Гонзы и забыла поручение. Они продолжали болтать, пока не вошел сам король.

«Никуда я не пойду! - завопил Гонза. - Пусть приведут сюда дракона, чтобы я мог его стукнуть по башке!»

Видя, что Гонза слишком упрям и ленив, чтобы его можно было уговорить, и что настаивать не имеет смысла, король приказал, чтобы дракона привели в деревню.

На следующее утро деревенские жители увидели, что трое полицейских ведут дракона, а король бежит сзади с короной на затылке.

Все село помогало полицейским и королю засунуть голову дракона в окно, а Гонза все просил пододвинуть дракона поближе, чтобы ему не вставать с постели.

Наконец, дракон, которого Гонза ударил по голове, испустил дух. Все были очень рады.

В королевстве долго ждали, когда Гонза придет за принцессой. Королева распорядилась, чтобы полы мыли каждый день. Повару было приказано печь пироги, а Гонза все не шел.

Но вот в доме Гонзы, все еще мирно спавшего, распахнулась дверь, вошла принцесса и крикнула: «Немедленно вставай! Я тебя научу, как себя вести

И Гонза тут же соскочил с постели и надел башмаки. Так принцесса сумела заставить Гонзу действовать.


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