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Task 1. Match the words with their definitions.

1. Glossary a) This book part contains the copyright notice, which consists of the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner.
2. Appendix   b) The page at the beginning of the book, usually containing the title of the book and the names of the author and publisher.
3. Spine c) Come before the Introduction. Can be written by the author or someone else
4. Table of Contents d) A list of books, articles etc. used or refereed by the author at the end of the book.
5. Dedication e) The back part of the book and it faces outward when you shelf the book right.
6. Bibliography f) A list of names and subjects in alphabetical order at the end of the book's page.
7. Title page g) Alphabetical list of definitions of special or unusual words (not all books have this part).
8. Index h) The place where the author dedicates the book to someone.
9. Foreword i) A list of the books contents, arranged by chapter, section, subsection, etc.
10. Copyright page j) This book part includes any data that might help clarify the text for the reader but would have disrupted the flow of the main text had it been included in an earlier part of the book.

Task 2. Identify in which part of a book the following information can be found. Choose from the list in the box below.

contents page bibliography index title page foreword/preface copyright page glossary content or body


1) All Wrapped Up in Mummies” By Sandy Desserte Impossible Press Cleveland, Ohio.

2) The book you are about to read is the result of more than twenty years of research. To gather information about mummies, Miss Desserte made several trips to Egypt and actually took part in a number of archaeological digs.

3) Suggested Readings

Aldred, Cyril, The Egyptians, Thames and Hudson, London, 1965 Barnes, James, Land of the Pharaohs, Jones Publishing Co., London, 1924.

4) Copyright © 1993 by Sandy Desserte.

5) Foreword ……………………8

Looking for Mummies ................. 11

Under the Desert Sky .................. 22

Task 3. In which book part would you find answers to these questions? Choose from the list in the box below.

contents page glossary index foreword/preface title page copyright page bibliography content or body


1. What is the meaning of papyrus?


2. On what page does Chapter 2 begin?


3. When was the book published?


4. Who published the book?


5. What are some other books on the same topic?


6. Who wrote the book?


7. Who wrote the introductory remarks?


8. Which is the shortest chapter?


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