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XV. Read out a conversation between a clerk in a Hotel Reservations Bureau and a tourist.

С — Clerk; T — Tourist

С. …so here's a brochure with the hotels in Midford. It gives you all the rates... .

T. I'm sorry, my English isn't so good. Can you explain this to me?

C. Yes, of course. First of all we have the Castle Inn, it's the cheapest. It will cost you only £12 for a dingle room and £15 for a double. The price includes continental breakfast. If you want a full English breakfast you'll have to pay extra...

T. What is this "English breakfast"?

C. Oh, you know, hot food, fried egg, fried bacon, porridge, whereas the continental breakfast is coffee, tea, rolls, jam and honey — nothing cooked, you see.

T. I think I would prefer the continental breakfast.

С Well, yes, that's included. And then we have the Dalton Hotel, more expensive, but very nice, a bathroom attached to every room. The Dalton charges £30 for a single room and £60 for a double. But there is no charge for children under 12 who stay in the same room as their parents.

T. I won't have my children with me. But maybe my husband will come a little later...

C. Well, the Park Hotel is very reasonably priced. £16 per person. Every room has a bath. There's a special rate of £25 which includes dinner, bed and breakfast — what we call half-board. Or you can have full-board, that's the room plus all meals- for £29 per person per night.

T. We would only want breakfast.

С. I see. You could try the fourth hotel here, the Phoenix, It will cost you £28 for a double room with, bath. Breakfast
is £5 per person.

Т. Yes. But what about the extra money, what do you call it in English, the service...

C. All these rates include a service charge of ten per cent. They also include VAT — that's Value Added Tax.

T. If we come later in the year will it be cheaper?

С Yes. These are the rates for June to September. You would pay less at other times of the year.

T. I'll talk about it with my husband. Thank you for explaining everything to me.

С You're very welcome.

Answer the questions:

What is full board?

What is half board?

What is a continental breakfast?

What is an English breakfast?

How much service charge is included in the prices?

What do the letter VAT stand for?

What is the Russian abbreviation for the same term?

XVI. Complete these sentences using the words from the dialogue:

a) (The Castle Inn). The price includes continental break­ fast. If you want a full ______ breakfast you'11 have to pay extra.

b) (The Dalton Hotel). There is no __________ for children under 12 who ______ in the same room as their parents.

c) (The Park Hotel). There is a rate of £25 which ______ dinner, bed and breakfast.

d) (The Phoenix Hotel). It will _________ you £28 for a _____ room with _______.

e) These are the rates for June________ September.

You would pay ________ at other times of the year.

XVII. Now you choose four similar hotels in your district/city and make up similar dialogues, explaining to a visitor tariffs and services provided by the hotels.

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