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Now decide which calculation above refers to each situation below.

Example; Lunch for two in the hotel restaurant includ­ing the service charge.

1 / b Forty-five dollars plus ten per cent comes to forty-nine dollars and fifty cents.

a) The price of a standard room from Monday to Friday

b) The cost of three Coca-Colas from the mini-bar

c) The amount in dollars you would receive when changing
£100 at the bureau de change.

d) The price of an executive room with a corporate discount.

e) The cost per person of a ten-minute taxi ride shared by four

X. Do the puzzle by finding the clues:

r a t e s  



1. Room (5) for our regular corporate guests are lower that those for individual bookings.

2. In a Visa transaction, give the guest the top copy of the (7) .

3. I'd like to pay by (6) card. Do you accept American Express?

4. No, there's no need to pay a (7) . You can just leave us your passport as security.

5. If you go on a package tour, you may have to pay in (7).

6. I haven't got any (4) on me-could you lend me 50p for the bus?

7. If you have still got the (7) . the shop will give you a refund.

8. I've got my guarantee card, but I can't seem to find my (6) book.

9. Could you prepare my bill, please? I'd like to check (3) now.

10. I’ve got £50 — could you give me ten £5 (5) ?

XI. Arrange the sentences below into two pas­sages.

They both describe the procedures to follow when accepting credit cards. Passage A is a formal descriptionissued by the credit card company.

Passage В is what a hotel employee telling a new trainee informally.


- ' ; ■ 1 '■ ■ ■ ■ A в
Formal description Informal instructions
In order to prevent credit card fraud, the following procedures must be followed. Basically, what you have to do is this.

a) If the date is still valid, an authorization code should be obtained from the credit card company.

b) Then you fill in the voucher and ask them to sign it while you are looking.

c) When they've signed it, check that the signatures are the same.

d) First of all, make sure that the card isn't out of date.

e) If they are, you give them back their card and the top sheet of the voucher, and that's it.

f) In order to prevent credit card fraud, the following procedures must be followed.

g) Firstly, the expiry date of the card must be checked.

h) Finally, if the signatures match, the card and the top copy of the voucher should be returned to the customer.

i) If it's still valid, you phone the credit card company for an authorization number.

j) Basically, what you have to do is this.

k) The voucher should be filled in and signed in the presence of the employee.

1) The signatures on the card and voucher should be compared.

XII. Choose the appropriate variant from the words in brackets and complete the dia­logue:

Guest: I'd like to (check out) (depart) now, please.

Hotel: Certainly, madam. May I (have) (know) you room number?

Guest: Yes, it's 429 and the name's Ann Smith.

Hotel: (I'll) (I'm going to) get your bill straight (up) (away).

Guest: Thank you.

Hotel: (Here) (Here you are), madam. Would you like to (verify) (check) it?

Guest: Thank you. (There's) (I have) just one thing — do you know what these extras are (from) (for)?

Hotel: Phone calls, I think, but (I'll) (I'm going to) check, if you like.

Guest: No, don't (mind) (worry), that (can) .(must) be right. Everything (appears) (seems) fine.

Hotel: How (would) (will) you like (to pay) (to buy)?

Guest: You (accept) (receive) Visa, (isn't it) (don't you)?

Hotel: Yes, (we do) (it is).

Guest: Here you are.

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