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Food plans:

European plan:the rate for a room alone, with no meals included at all.

Bed and breakfast / continental plan:the rate includes the room and breakfast.

The breakfast itself may be "English" or "continental".

Half board / demi-pension / modified American plan:

this includes the room, plus breakfast and one other meal (lunch or dinner).

Full board / en pensionroom and all meals included.


American plan:

Expressions used in quoting rates: Nouns of cost: Verbs of cost: Verbs Nouns of cos


for a single / double room; per person / room... the price includes...



the room rate(s); the tariff(s); a supplement; service charge; VAT; a reduction of (20% per cent); a discount.


the room costs £...; the hotel charges £.. .for a room; it will cost you £... for a room.


XIX. Read out a dialogue between a secretary of a company and the Manager of the Valley Ho­tel.

Make a note of the way different "plans" are dis­cussed.

Secretary — S., Manager – M.

S. .. .so we have trainees from abroad with us for several weeks at a time, and we are considering putting them with local hotels as long-stay guests.

M. Well, in that case we would charge you on a weekly basis. But of course we might be able to offer you a discount. Our most basic plan is for the room only, with no meals at all included — what we call European Plan. Our normal weekly rate for room only is £150.

S. I see. But I think we would prefer to have the accommodation on the basis of meals provided — perhaps even all meals during Christmas holidays and so on...

M. Right. Well, we can offer a choice of plans for this. Obviously there's the ordinary bed and breakfast system, what we call Continental Plan, and for that we normally charge £165 a week.

S. Just a moment. £165... bed and breakfast. Now, what about people who want to stay en pension, with all meals included?

M. Well, we call that our American Plan. Our normal rate is very reasonable — £220 a" week.

S. I see. And that just leaves the trainees who have lunch in our canteen but get all their other meals in the hotel. Do you have a plan to cover this — demi-pension, including an evening meal?

M. Yes, we can certainly offer that. It's what we call our

Modified American Plan. It includes room, breakfast and dinner, and normal rate is £195 a week.

S. Fine. Now let me tell you more about our numbers and you can tell me what kind of discounts you can offer...

Think and answer:

What payment scheme is most suitable for long-staying; guests? Why?

What other services can be included in the tariffs?

Are the above mentioned "plans" practiced in Russia?

What are the most popular international payment arrangements?

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