Other Information;

I am computer literate and like to work on my own initiative. I have been to Russia, representing BIM Networks at the International Computer Exhibitions. I speak Russian very well (advanced level), French quite well (intermediate level).



Languages, tennis, reading, computer programs, classical music.


Mr. J. Dike, Personnel Manager, BIM Networks, 16 Oakleaf Square, London, SE 932.

Miss Joanna Raynor, Head Teacher, Bell Comprehensive School, 34 Fitzroy Square, London, WIP 6BP




C.S.E. Certificate of Secondary Education, an examination in any of a range of subjects, at a lower level than G.C.E., taken in British schools by pupils aged 15 and over.

G.C.E. General Certificate of Education; an examination in any of a range of subjects taken in British schools by pupils aged 15 or over and regarded as important by universities and employers.

O level ordinary level; an examination in a particular subject.

G.N.V.Q. General National Vocational Qualifications; focus on vocational skills such as business and finance, information technology.

BTEC Business Technician Education Council.


3. Write your own career history.



Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________________________________

Marital Status:______________________________________________

Education: ________________________________________________


Experience:________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Interests: __________________________________________________





4. Here are some typical questions that an interviewer might ask. Work in pairs. Choose the questions which seem the most important to you and ask your partner. Think of two more difficult questions you might be really asked.


1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

3. We have a lot of applicants for this job. Why should we appoint you?

4. What has been your most valuable experience?

5. How would you describe your personality?

6. When did you last lose your temper? Describe what happened.

7. Which is more important to you: status or money?

8. How long do you think youd stay with us if you were appointed?

9. Why do you want to leave your present job?

10. What makes you think youd enjoy working for us?

11. Are you an ambitious, keen and reliable person?

12. What are you most proud of having done in your present job?

13. What was the worst problem you have had in your present job and how did you solve it?

14. What is the best idea youve had in the past months?

15. What is your worst fault and what is your best quality?

16. Dont you think youre a little young / old for this job?

17. What are your long-range goals?

18. Describe your present job what do you find rewarding about it?

19. What do you do in your spare time?

20. What newspapers and magazines do you read?

21. Do you like traveling?

22. What excites you about the job youre doing now?

23. What worries you about the job youre doing now?

24. Describe your ideal boss?

25. How would you evaluate your present boss?


5. The following may serve as the body of an interview. Read it in pairs. Make up a dialogue between an interviewer and an applicant for the job. Use the questions given in exercise 4.


Interviewer Why dont you begin by telling me something about yourself?

Applicant What do you want to know?

I The usual you know something about your experience and

anything personal that you feel is important.

A Well, my name is Oleg Kotov, I was born in Moscow, on November 22,

1965 and went to school there. I graduated from Moscow Linguistic

University with honors degree in Interpretation and Reviewing in

English. Before I entered the University I had spent a year in Holland,

studying Dutch. In 1996 I graduated from Higher School of Commerce

within Moscow Academy of Economics. I had studied at the

department of Management of Foreign Trade.

I What made you decide to get into business?

A Oh, nothing in particular I guess. By the time I decided to study

economics the situation in this country had changed considerably. I

mean, people got economic freedom. I had a good chance to try my

hand at business. An ideal job for me is a job that encourages thinking

and development.

I Now what about your experience?

A I spent five years (1992-1997) as a department manager within

Zagrantechstroy. I was responsible for international and public

relations of the Ministry of Housing of Russia.

I How long have you been working with Wonderworld Co.Ltd (U.S.A.)?

A More than four years now. I was employed as a Sales Representative

after I had gone through a series of interviews and tests. A year later I

was promoted to the Sales Managers position. I head a business

team of 20 people which studies consumers opinion of company


I Have you ever had any difficulty in getting along with colleagues?

When did you last lose your temper?

A I guess Im a team player and always try to keep cool. However, I lost

my temper once. It happened a year ago. I was very angry because

my secretary hadnt typed some urgent papers in time. The company

suffered losses.

I Well, why do you want to leave your present job?

A You see, I should like very much the opportunity to work with a

larger more dynamic company. The job youre offering suits both my

personal and professional interests.

I We have a lot of applicants for this job. Why should we appoint you?

A I am an experienced and well-trained specialist, have excellent oral

and written skills in English. I speak and write Dutch quite well. I have

basic knowledge of PC in D-bev (computer beverage distribution

program). And Ive been always active and hard working.

I You certainly sound impressive. Ill show your references to the board.

Well probably get back to you in a week.

A Thank you.


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