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1. Where do you think this dialogue is taking place? What is the probable relationship between Fatima and Julie?

2. Has Fatima ever been to the west coast of Canada?

3. Change the dialogue so that Julie has just come back from a visit to a city near where you live. Practise variations of the dialogue in pairs.

4. Give a short oral presentation to the class on a place you have visited or a place you would like to visit.

5. What kind of holiday do you prefer — sightseeing in a city, camping out or relaxing in a resort?


I. Divide the list of words into three groups: words connected with camping holiday, seaside holiday and sightseeing holiday


Compass Sunbathing Map Beach Tent Sand Queue   Museum Suntan Guide Sleeping bag Sandals Forest Dictionary   To pick up berries To buy souvenirs To visit art galleries To swim To go for a walk To take pictures To lie in the sun To sing to the guitar To dive  

II. Fill in the blanks with the following words:


To go hiking, to go fishing, holidays, tents, river, to stay indoors, to gather mushrooms, to swim, to walk, to lie in the sun, to sing to the guitar, forests, to pick up


I like to spend my … at my grandparents’. There is a … not far from the house. I like to … in it and … . I sometimes … and catch some small fish. There are … on both banks of the river where I like to … and … . I like to … wild strawberries too. When the day is rainy I … and watch TV. Sometimes I together with my friends … . We usually leave on Saturday afternoon and return on Sunday evening. At night we sit by the fire, talk and … . We spend the night in the … and next morning walk on.

Role play

Form a group of four. You want to go on holiday together but have different ideas. Try to come to an agreement and then discuss what you will/shoud do to have an enjoyable and worry-free holiday.

Student A   Student B
You want to go on a seaside holiday abroad. You are mainly interested in relaxing in the sun because you need a rest after a very busy year.   You want to go on an adventure holiday, walking and camping in mountains in your own country. You think this would be a cheap and healthy holiday.
Student C   Student D
You want to relax, but you also want to do some sightseeing. You are interested in museums and old buildings.   Last year you went on a package holiday and spent two weeks on the beach. You want something different this year.


Making Suggestions Agreeing/Disagreeing
  Why don’t we … (do smth)? Why not … (do smth)? How about … (smth, doing smth)? What about … (smth, doing smth)? Let’s … I think we should … We might/could ….     That’s a good/great/excellent idea. What a good idea! Good! Wonderful! Excellent! Splendid! Yes, let’s do that. I don’t really feel like it/doing it/going there (just now). It’s a nice idea, but … You’ll never catch me doing it. I don’t (really) like it. Why don’t we … instead?

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