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Look at the words in the box, make sure you know all of them.

People Places Objects Actions
(regular) customer client (shop / sales) assistant manager (member of) staff butcher chemist fishmonger florist newsagent optician shopkeeper stall holder trader baker's bookshop boutique bureau de change butcher's chemist's DIY store dry-cleaner's department store florist's fishmonger's greengrocer's jeweller's newsagent's kiosk toyshop off-licence (charity / local /second -hand) shop (street) market supermarket shopping centre shopping mall chain store the high street (in) the sales bank card cash cheque book credit card store card a bargain (mail order) catalogue carrier bag designer label goods faulty goods product price rate of exchange receipt sales tax (VAT) cash desk shop window counter till checkout ‘pay here’   borrow (money) from sb lend (money) to/ lend sb money afford can/can’t afford sth buy sth (purchase /shop for) sell sth supply deliver (goods) display (goods) be in stock be out of stock cost cut (their) prices get a discount (at a discount) exchange sth (for sth else) go shopping do shopping order sth buy on credit pay (in) cash / by cheque pay a deposit pay for sth (at a reduced price) take sth back try sth on see to sb serve (a customer) giftwrap sth wrap sth (up)  


Ex. 1. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word from the chart.


1. I’m sorry but you can’t pay … these with a credit card.

2. I can’t … to buy a new computer – I haven’t even got the cash to pay a … .

3. Can I … a discount if I pay … ?

4. I don’t usually …shopping in the high street; I enjoy finding … in the market.

5. Excuse me, can I try these trousers …before I buy them?

6. Is meat cheaper in the … or from your local … ?

7. Will you … me some cash so that I can … for the parking?

8. You’ll get the best … at that …de change over there.

9. Do you prefer cheap … or those with a … label?

10. How much does it cost to have this clock gift … ?

Ex. 2. Which words or phrases are the following descriptions of?


1. Someone who serves customers in a shop.

2. The main shopping street in a town.

3. The place where you can buy paint, screws, etc.

4. Where you would go to buy medicines.

5. The bag you get in a supermarket to hold your shopping.

6. A shop that sells fruit and vegetables.

7. The place where you can exchange foreign currency.

8. A large shop on several floors selling a wide variety of goods.

A small building in the street selling newspapers, sweets, etc.

The place where you pay for things in a supermarket.

Ex. 3. Find Russian equivalents to the following words and word phrases, pay attention to the use of prepositions.

1) To buy by mail-order, 2) at a counter, 3) the price per item, 4) different prices for the same item, 5) the original price, 6) to pay on delivery, 7) the discount(ed) price, 8) the sale price, 9) an attractively dressed shop-window, 10) to lower the price by 10 %, 11) to discount the goods by 6 %, 12) a low rate of discount, 13) to advertise items on sale, 14) to buy things from a second-hand shop, 15) to own a chain of department stores, 16) to sell a wide variety of goods, 17) to order the goods from a catalogue, 18) to go window shopping, 19) discount stores.


Ex. 4. Fill in the blanks with the corresponding words from the list given below.

A word of caution about ... stores and ... . Some ... stores are not actually any ... than other stores in the area. In others, the merchandise may not be only less ..., but shoddy and not worth the ... charged. Some stores perpetually advertise ..., even though they never have sold the merchandise at the “regular” ... A store may ... something at a low price in the hope that if you come into the store, you will not only that item but other items at ... prices as well. To avoid this kind of trap, ... prices at different stores to be sure you are actually getting a.... Do not buy something you do not need or want if you are shopping where some items are on ... Avoid ... buying. It does not mean that you can not find real ... at... stores or at...; it means that you must... carefully at all times.

price (2), cheaper, purchase, regular, discount (2), compare, advertise, shop, expensive, sale(s) (4), bargain (2), impulse, bargain(s) (2).


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