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Smoking is strictly prohibited in the engine, boiler and pump rooms and in all confined spaces. In addition to the above areas, smoking is also not permitted on the main deck except in designated area like poop deck,

Engine Room Access Opening

This opening is to be created in way of the engine room shell plate when extensive production work is anticipated in the engine/boiler spaces so that it may serve as an emergency exit in the event of any dangerous occurrence when swift evacuation becomes an urgent priority

Oil Pollution

Under the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Act, 1971, no oil or garbage is to be discharged into Singapore Water

Combustibles Onboard

Contents and locations of fuels, paints, ropes, chemicals and etc., should be made known to the Safety Officer onboard the vessel so that additional precautions could be taken to prevent fire and explosion.

Air Pollution

Under Regulation 88 of the Singapore Port Regulations 1977, no one should cause the emission for a period of five minutes or more of any kind of smoke, soot. ash. other than thin white or yellowish smoke.

Blow Down of Boilers

Blow down of boiler hot water into engine room bilges could be hazardous should workmen be working in that area. Prior to blow down, the water must be allowed to cool and discharged into sea when the vessel is afloat through any of the boiler running down cock/valves.If blov, down is attempted when the vessel is in dock, it could be done before drydocking Prior warning of such intention must be communicated to the Ship Repair Manager or Safety Department so that adequate precautions could be initiated to eliminate accident risks.

Hazardous Operations

Hazardous operations such as bunkering, transfer of fuel oil, firing of boiler and testing of derricks should be notified in advance so that appropriate safety measures could be initiated by the vessel's Safety Co-Ordination Committee


caution - предостережение
dangerous - опасный
to be blinded - быть ослепленным
spark - вспышка, искра
arm - рука
leg -нога
bum (burnt,bumt) - гореть
helmet - шлем
.wear (wore,worn) - носить
goggles - защитные очки
boot - ботинок
rubber - резиновый
glove - перчатка
apron - передник
overalls - комбинезон
sleeve - рукав
cuff -манжет
concrete - цемент



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