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А) истинными; б) ложными; с) нет информации в тексте

  1. A .Chekhov visited Irkutsk while his going to the Far East.
  2. Irkutsk is a great cultural and historical city.
  3. The merchants, gold diggers and mobsters were the first –comers to Irkutsk area.
  4. The rail-way reached Irkutsk at the end of the 19-th century.
  5. Irkutsk economy soared after 1760.
  6. Furs, timber, gold, tea, etc. heading to the central Russia came from China.
  7. The central square is soviet-style one.
  8. The visitors can find old dilapidated wooden architecture in the centre of the city.
  9. The fire ruined the city twice.
  10. Irkutsk is considered to be the western gate to lake Baikal.

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It is not easy to write about Spain. It is an ancient, sundrenched land whose soil has known so many different civilizations that no precise definition is possible. Spain is one and many at the same time, and no single glance could possibly take in all its complexity. It has been called a ‘miniature continent’ and everything tends to confirm that picture. It is seen, physically, in the contrasts among its various regions – forests and steppes, rugged mountains, far-reaching plains, sheer, cliff-bound coasts, and sweeping beaches. And among its different peoples – varied in race, in language and in customs. This whole complex, colorful world is Spain.

Spanish villages.Moving from North to South in Spain we see the villages soaking up the brilliant sunshine until, emerging into La Mancha, we are dazzled by the reflections from the white-washed houses. Just as in everything else, we are impressed by the multi-colored variety that is Spain. There are villages, the color of the very earth in which they are rooted, others with arcades sheltering them from the rain and still others with terraces warming in the endless sunshine.

National tourist inns, highway inns, mountain lodges and traditional restaurants.Spain is served by a very ample network of up-to-date, comfortable hotels and restaurants. More than a million people can find lodging among the multitude of hotels, apartments, bungalows and campsites. In accord with the international system of classification there are five categories of hotels in Spain, designated by from one to five stars.

Cuisine.Spanish cooking is, without doubt, one of the finest and most diverse in the world. In the north, in the Basque provinces, there are cod ‘Vizcaina’ or ‘Pil-pil’, the tasty eels from Aguinaga, bream and squid. Asturias has its bean soup, ‘fabada’, a delicacy if there ever was one, and in Galicia there are the delectable shell fish, especially good in casseroles.

The wines of Spain are varied and delicious. There is an endless selection of table wines, white, red or rose.

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