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1. Read the dates and make your comments referring to the text:

Which date is concerning the topic “History of Amendments of the Constitution”?


2. Give the Ukrainian equivalents to the basic terms:

The main formal document, the fundamental law of the land, special legislative procedure, regulation of social relations, majority

Reconstruct the sentences with these word combinations.

3. Suggest the meaning of the following verbs:

Adopt, amend, promulgate, proclaim, exercise, vest, approve, develop, embody, announce.

Using the Passive Voice constructions make up sentences of your own with the given verbs.

4. Complete the sentences and let your fellow student translate them into Ukrainian:


1. The Constitution establishes…

2. According to the Constitution, all mineral and natural resources in our country belong to…

3. The Constitution guarantees…

4. The Constitution specifies the powers of…

5. The highest body of legislative power is…

6. The Constitution was adopted…

7. Justice in Ukraine is exercised and administered by…

8. According to the Constitution, church and religious organizations are…


5. Match the words used while voting:

Aye Утримався

Nay Проти

Abstention За

Work in a group: Reconstruct the situation of the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers (let the “secretary” announce the results of approving or rejecting the point).

Supply the necessary words.

The main points of the Constitution:

(Державна мова) of Ukraine is Ukrainian.

(Державні символи) are the State flag, the State Emblem and the State Anthem.

Every person has the right to free development of his/her personality as long as there are no (порушень прав та свобод інших громадян).

(Усі громадяни) have equal Constitutional rights and are equal before the law.

(Захист Батьківщини, її незaлежність та територіальна цілісність, а також повага до державних символів) are the duty of Ukrainian citizens.

Citizens who have reached the age of 18 (мають право голосувати) and are guaranteed free expression of their vote.

The President of Ukraine is (голова держави) and speaks on behalf on it.

The Constitution of Ukraine (складається з 15 глав та 161 статті).

(День її прийняття) is a state holiday – the day of the Constitution of Ukraine.



Work in pairs. Write notes in the chart and be ready to discuss the results in the group:

The System of Judicial Power in Ukraine

Name of a Court Competence
The Constitutional Court  
The Supreme Court  
Court of appeal  
Local Court  




Study the contents of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Constitution of Ukraine. Compare the structures and make notes paying special attention to similarities and differences of the layout of these documents.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation

First Section

Chapter 1

The Fundamentals of the Constitutional System (Art. 1-16)

Chapter 2

Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen (Art. 17-64)

Chapter 3

The Federal Structure (Art. 65-79)

Chapter 4

The President of the Russian federation (Art. 80-93)

Chapter 5

The Federal Assembly (Art. 94-109)

Chapter 6

The Government of the Russian Federation (Art. 110-117)

Chapter 7

Judicial Power (Art. 118-129)

Chapter 8

Local Self-Government (Art. 130-133)

Chapter 9

Constitutional Amendments and Review of the Constitution (Art. 134-137)

Second section

Concluding and Transitional Provisions


The Constitution of Ukraine


Chapter I

General Principles

Chapter II

Rights, Freedoms and Duties of Individuals and Citizens

Chapter III

Elections; Referendum

Chapter IV

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Chapter V

The President of Ukraine

Chapter VI

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Other Organs of Executive Authority

Chapter VII

Prosecutor’s Office

Chapter VIII

The System of Justice

Chapter IX

Territorial Structure of Ukraine

Chapter X

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Chapter XI

Local Self-government

Chapter XII

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Chapter XIII

Amending the Constitution of Ukraine

Chapter XIV

Final Provisions

Chapter XV

Transitional Provisions

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