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Make up dialogues.

1. A patient visits a doctor, tells him about his symptoms. A doctor diagnoses the illness and writes out the prescription for it

2. A chemist gives advice to a patient. Use these word-expressions:

Patient: - I have got a closed-up nose Chemist: - Use some …

- I’ve got an upset stomach - Take some …

- My sister has a fever - Give him (her) some …

- Mike has a bad cough - Put some …. on it

- I have a headache

- Jack has cut his leg

6. “Word Families”. Put these words into 3 columns:

1. angina 2. powders 3. head 4. back 5. mumps 6. mixture 7. scarlet fever 8. stomach 9. drops 10. heart 11. measles 12. kidney 13. vitamins 14. ointment 15. rheumatism 16. flu

17. tooth 18. a cold


diseases medicines parts of the body

Read the text about Natural Treatment and match two parts of the sentence.

Some people don’t take medicines when they get ill. They use natural treatment. For 2000 of years nature has helped people to help themselves! You can easily help yourself with herbs, honey, milk, some vegetables, etc.


1. Honey is good for a) when you can’t sleep

2. Warm milk is helpful b) sore throat

3. A hot shower can clear c) a cup of chamomile tea will relax you

4. When you have a headache, d) your closed-up nose

5. If you feel nervous, e) can help if you’ve caught a cold

6. Garlic (часник) f) is an antibiotic, a natural medicine for many diseases

7. Raspberry tea g) just lie down and relax


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