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a) 1. This is book. It is my book. 2. Is this your pencil? No, it isn't my pencil, it is my sister's pencil. 3. I have sister. My sister is engineer. My sister's husband is doctor. 4. I have no handbag. 5. Is this watch? No, it isn't watch, it's pen. 6. This pen is good, and that pen is bad. 7. I can see pencil on your table, but I can see no paper. 8. Give me chair, please. 9. They have dog and two cats. 10. I have spoon in my plate, but I have no soup in it.

)1. This is tree. tree is green. 2. I see three boys. boys are in garden. 3. I have bicycle. bicycle is black. My friend has no bicycle. 4. Our room is large. 5. We have dictation today. dictation was long. 6. She has two daughters and one son. Her son is pupil. 7. My brother's friend has no dog. 8. This pencil is bad. Give me that pencil, please. 9. She has ball. ball is big. 10. I got letter from my friend yesterday. letter was interesting.

)1. This is pen. pen is red. 2. These are pencils. pencils are black. 3. This is soup. soup is tasty. 4. In morning I eat sandwich and drink tea. 5. She gave me coffee and cake. coffee was hot. cake was tasty. 6. This is book in your hand. Is book interesting? 7. She bought meat, butter and potatoes yesterday. She also bought cake. cake was very tasty. We ate cake with tea. 8. This is my table. On table I have book, two pencils, pen and paper. 9. This is bag. bag is brown. It is my sister's bag. And this is my bag. It is yellow.

)1. I have two sisters. My sisters are students. 2. We are at home. 3. My brother is not at home, he is at school. 4. My mother is at work. She is doctor. 5. I am not doctor. 6. I have no sister. 7. He is not pilot. 8. I have thirty-two teeth. 9. He has child. 10. She has two children. Her children are at school. 11. Is your father at home? No, he is at work. 12. Where is your brother? He is at home. 13. My father is not at home. He is at work. He is doctor. He is good doctor. He works at hospital. hospital is large.

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a)1. Neva flows into Gulf of Finland. 2. Pacific Ocean is very deep. 3. Urals are not very high. 4. Kazbek is highest peak of Caucasus. 5. Alps are covered with snow. 6. Shetland Islands are situated to north of Great Britain. 7. USA is largest country in America. 8. Crimea is washed by Black Sea. 9. Lake Baikal is deepest lake in world. 10. Paris is capital of France. 11. Lomonosov was born in small village on shore of White Sea. 12. Gogol was born in Ukraine in 1809. 13. Europe and America are separated by Atlantic Ocean. 14. North Sea separates British Isles from Europe. 15. Baltic Sea is stormy in winter. 16. Balkans is old mountains. 17. Nile flows across north-eastern part of Africa to Mediterranean Sea. 18. Which are highest mountains in Russia?

)1. Thames is short river. 2. Russia is washed by Arctic Ocean in north. 3. Kiev is to south of Moscow. 4. Europe is continent. 5. Moscow is capital of Russia. 6. Is Asia island or continent? 7. Black Sea is in south of our country. 8. White Sea is in north of our country, 9. This is map of world. What can you see on map? What colour are valleys on map? 10. Petrov is architect. He is experienced architect. He is in Far East. He has wife. His wife is typist. They have son and daughter. 11. Philippines are situated to south-east of Asia.

29. a/an, the, :

a) 1. Where is your ... friend? He is at... school. He is not at ... home. 2. Michael has ... car. His ... car is red. 3. This ... book is on ... table. Put ... book on ... shelf. 4. What's that? It's ... pencil. ... pencil is long. 5. It's a bus. ... bus is ... big and ... yellow. 6. His brother has ... cat. ... cat is old and ... fat. 7. It is very dark in ... street. 8. I am at ... home. I am reading ... interesting book. 9. Where is ... dog? ... dog is under ... bench. 10. Where is his ... son? His ... son is at ... school. 11. ...sun is shining in ... sky. 12. This is ... street. I can see many ... cars and ... buses in ... street. 13. This is ... tram. What colour is ... tram? 14. They spent their vacation in ... Alps. 15. Her parents live in ... Kyiv.16. Our flat is on ... third floor. 17. My father often rests on ... Sunday. 18. Today is ... ninth of September.

) 1. Pete, go to ... blackboard. 2. On ... Monday he comes from ... school at ... 5 o'clock. 3. ... second lesson today is English. 5. What is ... day today? Today is ... Friday. 6. Lesson of English is ... last. 7. I will not go to ... work on ... Tuesday. 8. My son does not sleep at... daytime. He sleeps at... night. 9. September is ... ninth month of ... year. 10. The man is standing near ... door. 11. We have dictations twice ... week. 12. She is quite .., child. 13. My grandfather was ... very good man. 14. The residence of... British Queen is ... Buckingham Palace. 15. The residence of ... British Prime Minister is ... Downing Street, 10. 16. ... American President works in ... White House.

30. , :

1. Where are ... children? They are playing in ... yard right behind... house. 2. I saw ... both Jack and John yesterday. ... latter was wearing ... strange suit. Well, he likes ... extraordinary things. 3. Why are you looking for ... book on ... upper shelf? I saw you put it on ... lower shelf yesterday. 4. My flat isn't very large but I like it. There is...living-room, two bedrooms and ... kitchen in my flat. My room is very cozy. ... walls are covered with white wallpaper. There is ... carpet on ... floor. ... ceiling is painted white. ... windows are large. 5. Look at ... sky.... moon is full tonight. 6. It's a pity but such ... things happen to him very often. In fact he is ... most unreliable person. 7. This dictionary won't do. You'll have to buy ... better dictionary. I saw ... good one in ... nearest book-shop. 8. Who do you think will win in ... coming election? Such ... things are usually unpredictable. 9. Will you close ... door, please? I'm afraid of ... draughts.

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