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Восстановите прямую речь в предложениях.

1. She told me she was not surprised at the news as she knew about it.

2. He said he had had an accident.

3. Liz said she could give me the newspaper as she had finished with it.

4. The boy said he was afraid he had broken my vase.

5. Kate told her mother she would not be out for long.

6. They said they didn't understand why he had been late.

7. The woman said she was taking her four-year-old niece to see Paris.

8. Steve told me he had been working sixty hours a week for the past month.

9. He said it would be difficult to go back.

10. Alison told me she was having dinner.

11. John said he was sorry he hadn't phoned me before.

12. Barry told the doctor he felt ill as he had had an enormous meal.

13. She said she was right after all.

14. They told us they were leaving on January 7.

15. She asked me not to open the window.

Преобразуйте вопросы в косвенную речь.

1. Jane said: "What are you doing"?

2. She said: "Did you invite him to the party?"

3. "Have you finished your exams?" he asked me.

4. My friend said: "Does your sister live in Saransk?"

5. Mother asked her daughter: "Have you hurt your leg?"

6. He said to the shop assistant: "How much does it cost?"

7. "Have you ever been to the USA?" they said to me.

8. Steve said: "Where did you stay in Moscow?"

9. My father said to me: "Can you pass me the magazine?"

10. They asked: "What time will the train arrive?"

11. My mother said to me: "Why didn't you buy bread?"

12. His friend asked: "How do you get to school?"

13. Barry said to me: "How long have you been waiting for your friend?"

14. She asked: "Who is singing in the next room?"

15. I asked my friend: "When did you telephone me?"

Преобразуйте вопросы в косвенную речь.

1. Не asked me: "Can you give me your pen?"

2. She said: "Has he already come home after lessons?"

3. They said to him: "Which school do you go to?"

4. Liz asked: "Are you seeing the manager tomorrow?"

5. My mother told me: "Where have you put my book?"

6. She asked: "How long have you been translating this article?"

7. Jane asked: "Did you go to London last year?"

8. "Are you busy now?" Nick asked his brother.

9. Kate's mother said: "What marks have you got at school?"

10. She asked me: "When will you go to the USA?"

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